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Nationally, OPEN STUDIO: The Arts
Online is designed to:
  • serve as a laboratory for artists to develop content for the Web 
  • increase the amount of local arts information on the Internet 
  • allow artists and local institutions to increase public awareness for their activities 
  • create a linked environment in which artists and arts-related institutions can place their work in a national context.

Locally, the project will: 
  • train Taos County artists how to use information technology: computers, the Internet and WWW.
  • provide the artists with computer and Internet access
  • train the artists to develop and promote a web site
  • help link local artists to each other and the larger community
  • promote the production of creative, culturally diverse content for the Web which will contribute to cultural and artistic preservation of our historic communities
  • create a culture of technical self-sufficiency in the Taos arts community

Contact Information

Nancy Montano
Open Studio Project Coordinator
La Plaza Telecommunity
Aron Rael
Questa Contact
Artesanos de Questa
Jane Cook
Penasco Contact
La Jicarita Enterprise Community

About | Purpose | Meet the Artists | Advisory Committee | Events

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