Margo Nimon
Margo was born in Ohio and has lived though out the West from Seattle to California to Denver.  Margo’s roots run deep in northern New Mexico, her mother was born in Questa.  Margo moved to Questa about two years ago and says, “much of my mother’s family are local, so many, I don’t know them all.”

Margo creates scenes on window frames using stained glass, mirror, tin and wood.  The frames may be carved using traditional and abstract styles.  Her traditional carvings were taught to her by her grandfather who also provides her with shop space to create her works.  She learned stained glass creation from her cousin.

Margo feels privileged that she was accepted to Open Studio.  Fascinated by the World Wide Web, she hopes to utilize skills learned to network with other artists and through online marketing hopes to become self-sustaining and famous so she can quit her job.

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