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Taos Talking Pixels, now in its fifth year, continues to showcase new media that matters. As in years past, the most innovative digitally generated art will fill the Pixels Room. Included in the 2001 Pixels program are works by internationally renowned artists, curated by John Alderman, Kyle Silfer, Sarah Borruso, and David Stout. Witness some of the finest, most exciting uses of new technologies by visionary artists.

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Taos Talking Pixels continues to present lively new media works that make use of developing technology to explore new ways of telling stories. The media for TTPixels was curated by John Alderman, Sarah Borruso, Kyle Silfer, and Dan Stout. For curator bios, click here.
Tota Hasegawa
Microphone Fiend,
See it on the Apple G4 located to the left of the big screens

Breath-activated digital art? Youíll have to blow to believe. Japanese artist Tota Hasegawa takes whimsical advantage of the interactive possibilities of electronic art with his CD-ROM piece Microphone Fiend that requires user "input" via an external microphone attached to a computer. Wipe snow from a windshield, spit fire from Godzillaís mouth, or spin a car out of control by simply breathing into the mike.
Art Jones
See it on any of the Apple Computers located at the TTPixels area. Just click on the "Art Jones" button in the Launcher
Jones's digital art, featured in previous Pixels programs, blends popular music, visual culture, and the politics of power into a strange and strong brew.
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Young-Hae Chang and Heavy Industries
The Struggle Continues,
Lotus Blossom

Young-Hae Chang's Heavy Industries is a Korean art group whose Web-based work strips multimedia to its roots--text--and then employs those words to make gripping, dramatic stories and exhortations. Chang's two works, The Struggle Continues and Lotus Blossom are fine examples of restrained aesthetic used to wonderful effect.
Niko Stumpo
Destroy Everything

Destroy Everything, a web piece by Italian Niko Stumpo exploits the medium's ability to blend graphic design with hyperkinetic moving pictures and ties it all together with equal parts of paranoia and fairy tale.
Erik Loyer

A sequel to a work featured at the 1999 Festival, Erik Loyer's Chroma continues the exploration of how the traditional form of the novel changes when it meets with the graphic and interactive possibilities offered by the Web.
David Stout and the College of Santa Fe featuring Steina Vasulka The Installation, Performance & Interactivity 2001 web/installation piece will be streamed live to the Pixels venue at 8pm on Saturday, April 7. For more information on this piece, click on this link: (See attached file: david stout installation.txt)  
Kyle Silfer Low End Theory Low End Theory

"A Touch of Funk"
"SPOT Desktop Adventures"

Thoru Yamamoto
Zizi stories
"Mysterious Drug Store"
"Midnight Gig"
Pumpkin House

"Hardly Workin'"
pastiche riff on The Matrix.

Rick Prelinger
Internet Moving Image Archive
Internet Moving Image Archive

For more information about Rick Prelinger Click Here
Lullaby for a Dead Fly

Lullaby for a dead Fly may turn you into a killer. Amsterdam-based artist Mouchette transforms your cursor into a deadly swatter in this piece that steps inside the consciousness of a fly.
Cyril Scott
Helico with flying question
Op art is alive and well on the Web in the form of Cyril Scott's playful and experimental online projects. This Paris-based multimedia artist turns pixels upside down and sends them bouncing off the corners of your browser in this frenetic piece. Two other featured works reveal a cetain digital, Warholian charm: animated colors and patterns become the hypnotic, interior world of the eponymous starlet in Star(2000) and three browser windows become an endless, cyclical cartoon sea of aquamarine blu ein Surf(2000).

Held each April as part of the Taos Talking Picture Festival, the Taos Media Forum explores movies, TV and the other media from a range of angles, giving audiences an opportunity to become more active viewers, to learn to view and listen to TV, movies, radio and the print media with critical eyes and ears. Here are links to more information about speakers and topics from the Media Forum 2001:
Denise Chavez: "Loving Pedro Infante"
Farai Chideya: "America's Multicultural Future"
Naomi Klein: "The Branding Boomerang"
Scott McCloud: "Reinventing Comics"
Marjorie Kelly: "The Hidden Language of Finance"

The Freedom Forum Media Studies Center/Newseum:
"Subversive Cinema: Remembering de Antonio"
Adam Clayton Powell III
Juan Gonzalez "Harvest of Empire"
Progressive interview with David Barsamian:

Review and first chapter of Harvest of Empire in NY Times
Women in the Director's Chair: TTP Eagle Award Winner/program "Sometimes the Wind Changes the Air"
Video Machete:
"Rejuvenating Justice"
The AgroCulture Party:
DJ Lloop:
Animal Charm:
Basement Films:
John Alderman Writer  
Sarah Borruso    
Kyle Silfer Publisher of the highly infrequent journal Reign of Toads, is a media critic who specializes in the trailing edge of technology. His writing has appeared in the Canadian cyberzine .tiff, Factsheet Five, and Albuquerque's Weekly Alibi.  
David Stout College of Santa Fe
For more Information Click Here
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La plaza Telecommunity
Integrity Networking  
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