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Smoking is a Choice

Be cool don't be a fool.

Choice - act or power of choosing; alternative; worthy of being chosen.
You have many choices and one of them is to smoke or not to smoke. Choose not to smoke, it  will save you money and your health. Smoking is a choice you have to make for yourself.

Choose- pick out, select, take by preference, decide, think.

Do you want to choose to smoke? Think of the things you could buy if you do not smoke.

Think Before You Choose

An average pack of cigarettes costs $3.50 plus tax.
Smoking one pack of cigarettes per day costs you:

One week 7 days = $24.50 per week.
One month 4 weeks = $98.00 per month.
One year 12 months = $1176.00 per year.

It All Adds Up

One week of smoking you could buy a number of things. Like a basketball, football, soccer ball and many other things.
Basketball costs about $21.50
Football costs about $18.45
Soccer ball costs about $23.46
Half of a life time is about 35 years. If you smoke you would have spent   $35,280.00 That is enough money to buy a new Sports Car !!
If you choose to smoke it will be like flushing your money and your health down the drain.


If you live about 75 years, you would have spent $70,560.00 on smoking. Just imagine if you would have invested it in bonds, you would be a MILLIONAIRE  and the fact that your health and quality of life would be much better, is worth more than money can buy.

Save your money instead of smoking. You can use your savings for something that is more valuable than smoking and more important.

 Choices Have Consequences

Consequence means- result, effect, outcome; significance, importance. There are many consequences in smoking. Your health deteriorates and you loose a lot of money and time.
I recommend that you look at this web site.

Created by Cameron Gillen

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