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Cyd Strickland

Cyd is an educator and consultant for online learning programs, organizational systems and community networks in the U.S. and Canada. She is currently working with several clients, including La Plaza de Taos Telecommunity in Taos, New Mexico. Cyd is adjunct faculty in the Whole Systems Design graduate program at Antioch University in Seattle, Bellevue Community College and a Ph.D. student at the Fielding Institute in Human and Organizational Systems. She was the founding employee of Cisco Systems, Inc., an international telecommunications corporation. She has published several articles on community networking, gender issues and computing, organizational change and technology, and electronic communication.

Cyd completed her her B.A. in Management and Leadership at Antioch University and her M.A. in Organizational Systems at Fielding. Her Ph.D. research focuses on the process of building a virtual library by La Plaza Telecommunity.

Catherine Sellman

Catherine manages the community outreach and training programs for the InfoZone CommunityNet in Telluride, Colorado and conducts frequent seminars on using the Internet. Trained as an engineer, she is an environmental consultant for industry and runs a small computer consulting firm in Telluride. She has been involved in technical education in both the environmental and computer fields since 1993.

Celia D. Shapiro

Celia is a Focus Group Leader for the Information Services Directorate of Mitretek Systems. She is currently working with a small team to develop the MedNet system, which provides an integrated suite of web-based capabilities that focus on organizational intranet services, administrator and service provider access to external information, and community access to organizational information. The organizational intranet services include bulletin board, calendar/meeting maker, phonebook, contact tracking, mail, and active watch profiling capabilities. Prior to the separation of Mitretek Systems from The MITRE Corporation, Celia was the principal investigator for the MITRE-sponsored research project that built a prototype capability (known as ELVIS) to examine the usefulness of networked theasuri as tools for improving query response in digital libraries.
Celia Shapiro
Mitretek Systems
7525 Colshire Drive
McLean, VA 22102-3481
(703) 883-7013
Eric S. Theise

Eric S. Theise (pronounced "Thice") is Founder and Executive Vice President of Research and Information Architecture at Narrowline, an Internet market research and media planning company based in San Francisco and New York. A long-time net denizen, he's known for hosting the WELL's Internet conference in its heyday, being an early Internet presence provider/developer, and for proselytizing through low or no cost public tutorials and writings. Theise led what was likely San Francisco's first public Internet tutorial in February 1993, and over the years has contributed articles to the Millennium Whole Earth Catalog, Wired, Internet Secrets, FringeWare Review, Matrix News, and others. Now with Narrowline, Theise is putting his quantitative analysis skills -- he holds a Ph.D. in systems/management science from Northwestern -- in the service of Internet content providers seeking sponsorship and alternative revenue streams.

Eric S. Theise
Liberty Hill Cyberwerks
P.O. Box 460177
San Francisco, CA 94146

Catherine Weldon

Catherine is the Coordinator for the Boulder Community Network. She works with dozens of local nonprofit agencies to help integrate Internet-based technologies into their business process. Catherine also oversees all aspects of BCN's county-wide public access computer deployment, and designs training courses
Catherine received her M.S. from the University of Colorado at Boulder in Telecommunications, and she received her B.A. from the University of California at San Diego in Cultural Anthropology. She also has 15 years experience in publishing and advertising.

Doug Schuler

Doug Schuler, as an activist with Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) has been writing and speaking about social issues and computing for over ten years. He is one of the co-founders of the Seattle Community Network (SCN) which, after two years, has over 8,000 users. His book "New Community Networks: Wired for Change" published in March, 1996 by Addison-Wesley is a unique combination of social activism and technology development. For over 15 years Schuler was with the Boeing Comany. For the last 10 years he was a software engineer with the Advanced Technology Center at Boeing Computer Services where he worked on hypermedia, CGI/Web programming, among many projects. Schuler has master's degrees in software engineering and computer science and is now an independent consultant on civic and community computing.

Susan Veccia

Susan Veccia, a professional librarian, has been employed by the Library of Congress since 1981 and currently is the Educational Resources Specialist for the Library of Congress National Digital Library. She chaired the 1991-1992 American Memory User Evaluation during which the prototype digital collections of the Library were tested in 44 locations nationwide. The surprising outcome of this evaluation was that many schools were interested in gaining electronic access to the Library's digital collections. As the Digital Library Program evolved, Ms. Veccia began an educational outreach plan to assure that the needs of the nation's K-12 schools are represented in the goals of the National Digital Library. Prior to joining the National Digital Library, Ms. Veccia worked for the Library of Congress Congressional Research Service where since 1981 she was an online trainer and system design specialist. Her expertise is understanding users' expectations, their online search behavior, and designing user interfaces.
In 1980, she initiated a fee-based online search service at the Arlington Public Library. In the mid 70's, she worked as a media specialist at the Kingsbury Lab School, a private school for learning-disabled children. In addition to her current work at the Library of Congress, Ms. Veccia is Editor of MultiMedia Schools, a national magazine that addresses the practical concerns of teachers and librarians working with new technologies. This magazine is a publication of Online, Inc. in Wilton, CT. and has no connection with the Library of Congress. In 1996, she served as a judge for the Software Publishers Association Codies Award, the Best Educational Software category. Ms. Veccia is a graduate of Connecticut College (B.A.) and Catholic University (M.L.S.).

Susan Veccia, National Digital Library, Library of Congress
voice: 202/707-6151

Diantha Schull

Diantha Schull's involvement with libraries began two decades ago as a field consultant for the Museum Program of the New York Sate Council on the Arts. In 1984, when the New York Public Library's new administration sought to vitalize the library's public image, she was asked to create a new program of exhibitions, publications and outreach. She proceeded to develop a series of exhibitions that made the program integral to the library and New York's intellectual and cultural life.
More recently she has been Interpretive Programs Officer at the Library of Congress as well as an advisor to libraries, foundations and museums. For several years she was Executive Director of the French-American Foundation where she concentrated on public policy issues. She founded and now directs the New York Library Programs Consortium, a network of public libraries representing humanities and public-affairs programs for adult audiences and is also a member of the President's Planning Committee of the American Library Association.
Since 1992, Diantha Schull has served as the senior consultant to Libraries for the Future, a national non-profit public library advocacy organization that voices the interests of library users. In March 1995, Diantha Schull was hired by the Board of Libraries for the Future for the position of Executive Director.

David Wilcox

David Wilcox is promoting the idea of community networks in the UK, inspired by a visit to the Ties That Bind conference in Cupertino and a daily news feed from Communet. That visit - supported by the Morino Institute - led to development of the Partnerships for Tomorrow network.
In the 1970's David worked as planning correspondent for the London Evening Standard, chaired a charitable trust developing land under an elevated motorway, and moved from reporting urban conflict to consulting on partnerships to regenerate local communities. He wrote The Guide to Effective Participation, and is working on a guide to partnerships and development trusts.
British Telecom recently agreed funding for an online Community Regeneration Network, developed by members of Partnerships for Tomorrow. The network will serve professionals and activists involved in urban and rural regeneration projects, and also help link the community networks now developing in the UK.
David hopes that the learning process won't be all one way, and that non-profit partnerships in the UK can offer some useful lessons to their new electronic cousins.

David Wilcox
Partnerships for Tomorrow
13 Pelham Square
Brighton BN1 4ET, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1273 677377
Fax: + 44 (0) 1273677379

John Shelnutt, Ph.D.

John is a Senior Research Specialist with the UALR Institute for Economic Advancement in the College of Business Administration at UALR. He is director of the research group in the Institute and runs the state econometric model. John is also an adjunct professor in economics in the College of Business Administration and teaches macroeconomics and business forecasting. He currently serves on the Governor`s Economic Advisory Council for Governor Jim Guy Tucker. He also served on the advisory council for Governor Bill Clinton.
John has been at UALR since the Fall of 1989. He received his Bachelor`s degree from the University of Missouri at Rolla, his Master`s and Ph.D. from the University of Arizona.
Prior to coming to UALR he worked as the lead forecaster in charge of the Oklahoma Econometric Model and grant-supported models for Tulsa and Oklahoma City operated by the College of Business Administration at Oklahoma State University.
John`s publication responsibilities include Other publications produced by his research group include:

Arkansas State and County Economic Data
Average Hourly Earnings in Arkansas Manufacturing
Arkansas Personal Income Handbook
A Summary of Taxes in Arkansas
Industrial Incentive Programs: Arkansas and Neighboring States
Taking Care of Business in Arkansas

The research unit is also a cosponsor and the operating unit for
DINA, the Development Information Network of Arkansas, a clearinghouse for economic development information on Arkansas and its cities on the Internet. (WEB address: WWW.AIEA.UALR.EDU/DINA/)

John Shelnutt
Economic Research
Arkansas Institute for Economic Advancement
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
INTERNET: jpshelnutt@acsmmm.ualr.edu