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La Plaza Board Committees

About Committees

The La Plaza Board of Directors delegates some of its' work to committees. Committees are of two kinds, Ad Hoc committees and Standing committees. Unless otherwise noted, committees do not have the authority of the board to make decisions or expend funds; instead they make reports and may make a specific recommendation to the full board. Some committees may be open to participation of non-Board members. If interested, contact the committee chair.

Ad hoc committees assist in special aspects of La Plaza's activities. Ad hoc committees are formed for a specific purpose and are dissolved when that purpose is met.

Standing committees are formed for specific ongoing programs and are by their nature more permanent. Standing committees shall continue until dissolved by action of the Board of Directors.

Standing Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee it is composed of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer of the La Plaza Board, and has the authority to act for La Plaza if urgent matters come up between full meetings of the board. There are some quite stringent limits on this committee as deliniated in the Bylaws.
Pete Warner (President), Ira Schwartz (Vice President), Gene Goetz (Secretary), Pam Romero (Treasurer).

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is charged with evaluating candidates for the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee shall submit a list of candidates for consideration prior to each election, and at other times as may be required. The Nominating Committee may also recruit participants for board committees.
Gene Goetz (Chair)

Public Relations Committee

Finance Committee

Pam Romero (Chair)

Scholarship Subcommittee

Thos Myers

Education Committee

The Education Committee is charged with determining the educational needs of the La Plaza community and making recommendations on whether there are programs that should be developed to meet those needs.
Ira Schwartz (Chair), Thos Myers, Mats Wichmann

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee coordinates proposals for bylaws amendments that may come up during the year and prepares the list for discussion by members 60 days prior to the annual election, as well as proposing the final ballot 30 days prior to the election.
Mats Wichmann (Chair), Thos Myers

Ad Hoc Committees

Rates and Fees

This committee was established Jan 2000 to study and report on usage of La Plaza's dialup resources and whether the current flat-rate pricing scheme best serves the needs of La Plaza's users as well as the needs of the organization.
Thos Myers, Judith Pepper, Pam Romero, Pete Warner, Mats Wichmann

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