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I began working at La Plaza as a volunteer at the front desk barely knowing how to turn on a computer, much less how to use it. One of the wonderful things about working at La Plaza has been the opportunity to learn about computers, software programs, and, of course, about the World Wide Web. I am now the Learning Center Coordinator.

My duties include teaching Internet classes and developing new classes such as the Parents Guide to Safety on the Internet. I also provide technical support to our home users, and create the handouts new users need for connecting to La Plaza and retrieving email.

I came to New Mexico from Indiana by way of 18 years in Western Oregon. I love the outdoors and my next move is to Belize where I eventually plan to live permanently and engage in wildlife conservation. I have just started an "Ecotour" business to Belize and am realizing the practical applications for the skills I use everyday at La Plaza.

Jovanna Poe

Learning Center

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