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Taos Pueblo
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Taos Pueblo is New Mexico's best known Indian village.

For nearly 1000 years, the Taos Indians have lived at or near the present site of Taos Pueblo. The pueblo is the largest existing multi-storied Pueblo structure in the United States. The mud and straw adobe walls house a way of life little changed by over 400 years of Spanish and Anglo presence.

Originating in the mountains at the sacred Blue Lake, the Rio Pueblo de Taos still serves as the primary source for drinking and irrigation. Bread is baked in outdoor domed ovens just as it was for hundreds of years.

Visiting Taos Pueblo provides a window into a spirit and a way of life that is nearly ten centuries old.
Taos Pueblo culture emphasizes the importance of religious traditions in every day life. Although many religious activities are restricted to tribal members, the public may attend certain ceremonial dances.

PLEASE NOTE: Cameras are not allowed on the pueblo on festival days.

January 1: Turtle Dance

January 6: Buffalo or Deer Dance

May 3: Feast of Santa Cruz--Foot Race and Corn Dance

June 13: Feast of San Antonio--Corn Dance

June 24: Feast of San Juan--Corn Dance

July (2nd Weekend): Taos Pueblo Pow Wow

July 25 and 26: Feast of Santa Ana and Santiago--Corn Dance

Late September: Feast of San Geronimo--Sunset Dance,foot race, pole climbing, and social dances

Christmas Eve: Procession

Christmas Day: Deer Dance or Matachines

For information about guided tours, group arrangements, special dances and pow wows, crafts demonstrations, and other events, contact:
Taos Pueblo
P.O. Box 1846
Taos, NM 87571
(505)758-1028 or (505)758-9593

Taos Pueblo is located in northern New Mexico two miles north of Taos and 70 miles north of the state capital Santa Fe.

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