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A Brief History of Taos
Suggested Readings

Bickerstaff, Laura
Pioneer Artists of Taos
Carter, Harvey
Dear Old Kit
Garrard, Lewis
Wah to Yah and the Taos Trail
Galbraith, Den
Turbulent Taos
Gordon-McCutcheon, R.C.
Taos Pueblo and the Battle for Blue Lake
Grant, Blanche
The Taos Indians
Gregg, Josiah
The Commerce of the Prairies
Jenkins, Myra Ellen,
and Albert Schroeder
A Brief History of New Mexico
Luhan, Mabel Dodge
Edge of Taos Desert
Mares, et. al.
Padre Martinez: New Perspectives form Taos
Moorhead, Max
New Mexico's Royal Road
Morill, Claire
A Taos Mosaic: Portrait of a New Mexico Village
Nichols, John
The Milagro Beanfield War
The Last Beautiful Days of Autumn
Peters, Steve
Headless in Taos:Arthur Rockford Manby
Rudnick, Lois
Mabel Dodge
Simmons, Marc
New Mexico, An Interpretive History
Udall, Stewart
Toward the Inland Empire
Vestal, Stanley
Kit Carson: Happy Warrior of the Southwest
Vigil, Maurilio
The Hispanics of New Mexico
Waters, Frank
To Posses the Land
The Man Who Killed the Deer

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