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Taos Culture
For generations the people of Taos have enjoyed a rich culture steeped in the mystery of the Anasazi , or "Ancient Ones". These early inhabitants disappeared without a trace. There is much speculation among anthropologists as to what became of these people. Today, Taosenos live in the shadow these early people. They are Native Americans, Hispanics, Anglos and a collection of various other ethnic groups.

Taos can be proud of its very diverse culture. The individuals in this community are artists and scientists, entrepreneur and business people, professionals and trust-funders, farmers and cattle ranchers. Each holding a piece of the history that is Taos.

Originally, an agricultural community, Taos has attracted artists in large numbers since the late 1800's. Today Taos and Santa Fe combined comprise the third largest art market in the United States. Not to be overshadowed, agricultural endeavors are now experiencing a resurgence, bringing Taos back to its roots.

If one word were used to describe Taos culture, it would be diverse. Throughout the the decades this has led to both good times and bad. But through it all Taosenos have learned to share the valley and its resources, and have attempted to work out their differences. Hopefully, as our forefathers look over us all, they are pleased by what they see.

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