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Organizations wishing to publish on La Plaza must be nonprofit and/or community oriented. They must also be located in Northern New Mexico. We do not publish for commercial establishments.

If you already publish a web site at La Plaza please contact us to discuss the maintaining and updating of your web site.

If you have an existing web site not published on La Plaza, you can link it to La Plazaís Web site.

What are the services I receive?
Your organization receives 5mb of server space as well one free pop email account. You must have access to the Internet in order to work on your website and access your email account.

What does it cost?
There is no cost to having your materials published on La Plaza.

What should I publish on the Internet?
We suggest you start off with something simple like your organizationís standard brochure or information sheet. Once you have that in place, La Plaza will work with you in exploring other ideas.

Who controls my organizationís information?
You control the content of your information. La Plaza provides training on how to develop Web Sites at a low cost to non-profits. La Plaza will not claim or defend copyright of your materials. You publish materials on the Internet at your own risk and agree to hold La Plaza harmless from any legal matters arising from your organization.

Are there any limitations to what our organization can do with a Web site at La Plaza?
We let you do what ever you want as long as it is legal. The only limit maybe some items that require technical services from La Plaza. La Plaza does not support or allow you to establish secure (password protected) areas.

You are expected to publish information that has general community value/interest.

For many reasons, mostly time and resources, La Plaza does not support technical services.

Internet Access
La Plaza offers Internet access and email accounts at a cost of $17.50 per month. There is a $5.00 set up fee upon establishing a new account.

Domain Names
You will not have an individual domain name. You will be listed as's name.

Linking back to La Plaza
We ask you to provide a link back to La Plaza. We have a La Plaza icon with HTML code that we ask that you use.

Getting your organization Online is the Goal
If you do not understand everything written here, donít worry about it. Some of the comments are targeted at more experienced folks. If you need assistance, La Plaza will help you.

Who can I contact?
Nancy Montano will be your initial contact. She will determine if your organization is qualified to publish on La Plaza and answer any questions you may have.

Nancy Montano, 758-1836.

NOTE: The La Plaza board has final authority on who may publish and/or in resolving any content issues.

For questions regarding our website:
   E-Mail - La Plaza Telecommunity