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January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Every Woman's best defense against cervical cancer is early detection!


Laurie Spiegel, Nurse Practitioner at Taos Public Health Office, reminds women that cervical cancer, when caught early, is curable. She encourages women to take advantage of these free or low cost screening exams. Do it for your peace of mind and for your loved ones!!
Where to go in Taos for a free or low cost cervical cancer screening exam

Adonde entrar en Taos para los examenes cervicales de la investigacion del cancer del costo libre o bajo.
Women's Health and Birth Center 758-1216
Taos Public Health Office 758-2073
Questa Health Center 586-0315
Health Centers of Northern New Mexico 587-2205
Holy Cross Hospital, Penasco Clinic 587-1833
Taos~Picuris Indian Health Center 758-4224

Check out these web sites for more information about cervical cancer and screening exams:

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National Cervical Cancer Coalition

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