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Voting Member Rights and Responsibilities


La Plaza Telecommunity encourages its users to participate in its governance, by offering the voting right to all eligible users who demonstrate a willingness to educate themselves regarding Telecommunity issues, and to vote when such issues and board elections are presented to the membership. No extra cost is required of users registering to become voting members.

To become a voting member each user affirms that:

  1. I am a La Plaza user eighteen years of age or older with an email account, and I have the right and opportunity to cast a single vote in elections, and on issues that are brought before the membership.

  2. I understand that to become a registered La Plaza voter, eligible to vote in board elections, to run as a board candidate and to vote on La Plaza issues, I must subscribe to the <lpgovern> listserv. This list will serve as an important source of information for voting on La Plaza issues and elections.

  3. I understand that I must be subscribed to the <lpgovern> listserv for a minimum of 30 days prior to any specific vote in order to participate in that vote.

  4. I understand that as a registered La Plaza voting member, I may unsubscribe at any time from the <lpgovern> listserv thus losing my voting privilege.

  5. I am aware that I may also subscribe to the <members> listserv which serves as a forum for discussing La Plaza issues with other voting members.

"Make me a voting Member of La Plaza Telecommunity"
Subscribed to the <lpgovern> listserv

"I am also interested in discussing La Plaza issues with other voting members.
subscribe to the <members> listserv"

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