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La Plaza Telecommunity in Taos is one of ten organizations nationwide selected by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the Benton Foundation as a regional Internet training site for OPEN STUDIO: THE ARTS ONLINE. Open Studio is a national initiative working to train the nonprofit art community with the necessary skills to effectively use the World Wide Web for online communication, publication, and creative expression.

La Plaza has partnered with Artesanos de Questa and La Jicarita Enterprise Community in Penasco to provide training, access, and support in information technology to under-served artists in Taos County, particularly Hispanic and Native American.  La Plaza will instruct the artists how to post artwork online, disseminate cultural information via the Internet, and link with the arts community across the country and globally. The Taos Art Association is also collaborating with Open Studio - Taos to ensure that training opportunities are extended to their membership.

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Nancy Montano
Open Studio Project Coordinator
La Plaza Telecommunity
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About | Purpose | Meet the Artists | Advisory Committee | Events

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