Betsy Peirce
bpierceBetsy has lived in New Mexico since she was six-months olds.  Growing up In Albuquerque, Betsy attended the University of New Mexico and later received her BA in Art History from the University of Arizona in Tucson.  Returning to New Mexico in 1981, she now lives in the El Rito/Latir area north of Questa.

Coming from an artistic family, her grandmothers and an aunt were artists, Betsy makes folk art out of tin painted and shaped to create magnets, jewelry and ornaments. Many of her works reflect devotional images from many cultures particularly divine feminine icons.  Her other artistic endeavors include watercolor paintings, printmaking, both woodblock and monotype.  A member of Artesanos de Questa, Betsy took a tinsmithing course from one of her fellow artists.

Betsy has been wanting to learn about web sites and is honored that she was selected to participate in Open Studio.  She hopes to learn to design attractive and effective web pages and is happy to work with the other local artists in the training.

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