Dan L. Rael
drealDaniel hails from some of the original Hispanic settlers who accompanied DeVargas in the reconquest of New Mexico in 1692.  Born in the village of Embudo, he was raised in Taos and graduated from Taos High School.

A santero, Dan creates handcarved santos and bultos in the Barela style, all carved in cedro (rocky mountain red cedar).  He is married to Pat Barela, granddaughter of Patrocino Barela, the world renowned Taos wood carver,                                  recognized by New Mexico's living artists as a major source of inspiration.
Dan's work is now traveling with the Barela show, "Recordando un Artista del Pueblo," which is currently at the Mexican Museum in San Francisco.

Excited about his selection for Open Studio, Dan plans to use the training to help the Barela Studio carvers promote their work to a wider audience.

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