Northern New Mexico's Community Network


Setting up Netscape Communicator E-mail

Launch Netscape Communicator
Go to Edit/Preferences
Select Mail & Newsgroup
Click on box with + sign to open up other options.

Select Identity - In the Box to your right fill in the following:
Your Name: Type in your real name
Email Address: Type in your email address. Lower case with no spaces.
Reply to address: Optional
Organization: Optional
Signature File: Optional

Select Mail Servers
Under Incoming Mail Servers, Click on Add
In the General Tab fill in the following:
Server Name: Type in
Server Type: Select POP server
Username: Type in the first part of your email address

You can also select the following paramaters or leave alone
Remember Password
Check for email

Click on the POP tab
If you are using your own home or office computer, do not check the box before "Leave messages on the Server"

If you are using a public access computer, put a check in the box before "Leave messages on the server"

Click OK. This returns you to the Mail Servers box.

Under Outgoing Mail Server fill in the following:
Outgoing Mail server: Type in
Outgoing Mail server username: Type in the first part of you email address
Click OK on the bottom of the mail servers box.

To open up your email simply click on the mail icon on the botoom right of your browser window or go to Communicator/Messenger.

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