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La Plaza's Glossary of Computer Terms

These are a few basic terms that you will need to know to use your computer. If you ever need to call the La Plaza help desk, or for any other technical reason, you will hear these terms, so study up. One more thing, if you do need to call for tech help always have your computer booted up so we can look at the settings, we do not need to be online to check them.

Boot up: This term is what is used to say your computer is turned on, found all the files it needs to run, and the hour glass has changed to an arrow, and is now showing the desk top.

Reboot: This means to restart your computer. Desk Top: This is the screen that you see when your computer is booted up. The desktop is where you will find the small pictures, called icons, that are named My Computer, Recycle Bin, Internet Explorer, etc.

Double click: Double click is what you do on an icon to open the software that icon refers to. A double click is always done with the left mouse button, unless you are left handed and have your mouse set up for lefties. Single click: Referred to as just 'click.' This is done with the left mouse button.

Right click: This is a single click done with the right mouse button. This is not used very often except to set preferences or other commands not normally used on a regular basis.

User Name, Login ID: This is the beginning part of your e-mail address before the @ sign.

Browser: Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator are browsers that you would see on your desktop. These are the software that is used to 'browse' the Web.

On line: This means you are connected to the Internet.

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