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Create an Internet Access Connection to La Plaza

Also for any Macintosh OS 8.5 - 9.2

  • Go to the Apple icon
  • Click on Internet Access
  • Select Internet Setup Assistant
  • Welcome: Would you like to set up your iMac to use the Internet?
  •  *Yes    No

Click on "Update" button

Jot down the information provided.  You were given your
username and password when you set up your account.

Here is the info you need:

Type: PPP
IP Address:  Server Assigned
Gateway Address:

Phone #:  737-5519


Click on Add Internet configuration

Type in "La Plaza" and select modem button.

Select your modem, port and phone line type.

Type in 737-5519, username, password.

Click on "NO"

Type in " (DNS address) and
"" (Domain name)

Type in your email address and password.

If you want to join any news groups, type in ""

To make sure your connection works check "Connect when finished"
and then click on the "Go Ahead" button.

The dial up box will show up and once connected will disappear.


Happy Surfing!

  • The iMac and iBook 8.0 – 9.0 operating systems have several different locations for the Internet Setup Assistant.
    • If it is not located in the “Apple” menu, try these:

      control panels
      Internet Setup Assistant

      Hard Drive
      Assistants folder
      Internet Setup Assistant

  • Alternative Method for setting up your Internet Access Connection
  • The Internet Setup Assistant is used by your computer to put the settings into TCP/IP and PPP.  You can skip the setup assistant, however, and do it directly.

    For TCP/IP settings, go to:
    Control panels

    For PPP settings, go to:
    Control panels
    PPP or remote access (remote access may be your PPP settings)


    Remote access

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