Northern New Mexico's Community Network



Go to the Apple Menu and choose Control Panels.

Find the ConfigPPP Control Panel and open it.

Click on the New button.

Enter La Plaza as the PPP server name.

Click OK.

Click on the Config button. Most Macs use 57600 k PORT SPEED. Newer Macs might be higher, older Macs lower. Slower modems might use a lower speed. Most 28.8 modems support CTS and RTS (DTR). If the modem won't recognize, switch to CTS only. Consult your modem guide or the user's modem manual to set the unit.

Make sure the server name says La Plaza.

Enter 737-5519 as phone number for dialing the La Plaza server.

Click on the Connection Script button at the bottom of the page and delete all of the information in this screen (may already be empty).

Set all of the options on the left side of this screen to "Out" and make sure that none of the boxes have X's in them.

Click OK.

Click on the Authentication button.

Enter your Internet username in the auth. ID field.

Enter your Internet password into the password field.

Click OK

See the TCP/IP section for instructions on how to configure your TCP/IP software before you attempt to connect.

For questions regarding our website:
   E-Mail - La Plaza Telecommunity