Northern New Mexico's Community Network


Configure the Internet Setup Assistant

Operating System: 8.0 and Greater
Application: Apple Internet Setup Assistant

Go to "apple
Click on "Internet Setup Access"
Select "Internet Setup Assistant"


Go to "apple"
Click on recent applications
"Select Internet Setup Assistant"

Go to your hard drive
Click on "Internet Access"
Select "Internet Setup Assistant"

The following information should allow you to set up your computer to connect to La Plaza.

When it prompts, "Do you have an existing account?"
Choose "yes". This will take you to the settings area.

Information about your La Plaza connection
Connect scripts: none
Proxy server: none
IP address: server assigned
Gateway: server assigned
Netmask: server assigned
DNS numbers: Primary -
Secondary -
(choose "server assigned" if possible)
Host name:
Search domain:
Mail server name:
POP server name:
News server name:
Type of Connection: connect using a modem
Phone line uses tone
Dial in telephone number: Taos
**No area code

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