Northern New Mexico's Community Network



Go to next set up option

Go to the Apple Menu and choose Control Panels.

Find the Control Panel named MacTCP and open it.

If you don't have MacTCP, locate the control panel called TCP/IP and see the section below for configuring that Control Panel.

Make sure that your dialer icon is highlighted (either PPP, FreePPP, or MacPPP). You may have a rare form of PPP called Interslip, but it needs to be a newer version. Otherwise macslip or anything else should be disabled. To disable, remove it from the Extensions in the System Folder. Make sure to restart afterwards.

Click on the More button.

Be sure that the Obtain Address button is set to Server. Also, make sure that IP Address is set to Class C. You don't have to fill in the Gateway Address. An address will be automatically assigned each time you log in.

The only setting you need to change is the Domain Name:

IP Addresses: Leave this field Blank
Click the OK button.

Close the MacTCP window and choose Restart from the special menu to activate the changes you have just made.

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