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General Search Engines and Directories

About uses “professional Guides” to research and collect over a million useful sites in over 700 topic areas. is a great place to start a web inquiry as long as you’re not looking for anything to specific. Think of it as a resource library for popular subjects.

Aesir Custom Search
Use filters to customize output from search engines.

AlltheSites You can expect similar results to Alltheweb.

Has one of the largest databases. Good for specific searches if you don't mind wading through tons of listings.

Uses Direct Hit to bring you the most visited sites for your keywords.

Internet ring index with adult emphasis.

A searchable directory of search resources. Claims that 100,000 searchable databases exist on the net and has over 17,000 in its present database.

Cozy Cabin
Very basic "clean" search engine with finite scope.

Direct Hit

If you are looking for the most popular sites by keyword then this site maybe for you.

Excites features, its personalized page with news and portfolio tracking are tops.

Fast Search
Using its spider this search engine is working to collect a billion urls. To date their database has 300 million making it the largest of the search engines.

A search engine that limits results to the first page of a site.


Global Online Directory
European engine. Search for web sites by country, state, province, county or even city by city narrowing down the information and creating a more accurate result.

Best sites on the net updated daily.

Easy way to search news, newsgroups.

Its robot collects pages whether they've been submitted or not making it a very comprehensive engine. Technically its not a meta search engine but it functions like one. Now searches Netscape's Open Project Directory in addition to its own database. Ranks sites by number of incoming links and the popularity of referring sites. Findings are highly relevant, particularly for searches with two or more words.
Fast engine where placement is determined not by relevancy but by how much sites pay for their listing. Search and find out which sites are paying the most for your eyeballs.

GTE SuperPages
A form of yellow pages. Search businesses by category.

Organized into sub categories/ directories.

HotBot it is one of the better individual search engines and includes advanced search options on the homepage!

Use a human being to answer your question. For $8, they'll find what the is answer to any question.

Searches the open resource project database.



A searchable directory with a small (750,000) selection of sites.

Highest bidder gets the top listing in this search engine.

A dumbed down version of Altavista's search engine. In addition uses RealNames and DirectHit.

Brings together data from FAST, Direct Search and the Open Project Directory.


More of a specialty search engine. MapQuest provides printable maps of north america along with lots of other travel information.

A dumbed down version of excite without the many free features that excite offers.



Japanese and English search engine.

One Word. Microsoft.


Category based search engine.

Netscape uses the Open Project Directory database.

Northern Light uses its own propietary database covering 220 million web pages and 20 million articles.

Attempts to improve relevancy via menu options provided with each search term on your results page. This allows you to refine your search further based on a specific meaning for each search term. Worth a look!

Open Directory Project
The goal of this new engine is to produce the most comprehensive directory of the web, and its well on its way to accomplishing this goal. Similar to Yahoo, listings are organized by category and reviewed by editors, though the Open Directory Project relies on a vast army of volunteer editors. While Yahoo can take months to include submissions are usually included in the Open Directory Project within weeks.

New search engine using Netscape's open project directory. Includes a meta search function.

Search the Time Inc.'s database of articles from Time, Fortune, People, Money, Entertainment Weekly, ParentTime, Ask Dr. Ruth Weil, and more. A limited database but has lots of useful information.

In English and Spanish.

A plain vanilla ad free search engine running off of Altavista’s database of 350 million pages. Results are similar to Altavista but appear to show somewhat higher relevancy, especially as you move down the search results page.

Saluki Search

A Family friendly search engine. Still growing its database. Stop by and suggest appropriate sites.

Scrub the Web

Search Engines Galore
Search the Australian and New Zealand Internet.


Search King
Sites ranked based on surfer votes.

Uses the quality Inktomi database with similar features to Hotbot's advanced search function but without the graphic layout of Hotbot.

Super Snooper
Filters out sites to do with obscenity, drug-promotion or bigotry.

Indexes sites, not individual pages.

Uses the Goolge engine with similar high caliber results. Offers the additional promise of protecting your privacy. "Our Private Search Engine will never deliver an unsolicited banner advertisement to you. It will also never use cookies or other invasive Personal Profiling technologies to build any personal profiles on your search requests."

Twirlix is working hard to make the search process easier. Unique features include a 5 dot "quality" rating system, site homepage thumbnail, and separation of listings into "Top Matches' and "Further Matches". For those of us who are more visually oriented, this search engine's organization is a big step forward.

USA Online
Search by State.

European based search engine.

Uses the same database as Excite.

Real-time, human assisted search engine.


Clean layout to this search engine providing the first paragraph of text from the document. Using their downloadable software you can drag and drop text from word processing and other documents for searching.

Limited database but provides a preview function. This lets you view text information from sites without having to wait for graphics to download. You can buy your way to a top placement.

Preview version of new search engine that allows users to rate sites. Like Direct Hit. Why uses a modified version of the Open Project Directory dataset.

Guide to the most popular web sites by six core categories with pull down menus of sub categories.


Yahoo is one of the easiest ways to find information on the web. Because Yahoo is a directory, not a search engine, its possible to look up information by categories. Though it has one of the smaller databases listings are consistently of the highest quality, one reason Yahoo is by far the most popular way to find information on the web.
Yahoo People Search

Provides unbiased search engine that returns the most relevant web sites, with the best content.
Directory of Directories

Well organized lists of 1200+ search engines, directories and indices.
An easy way to access 30 of the most popular search engines and meta search tools.
search engines directory, search hundreds of search engines all from one website. Search hundreds of u.s. general search engines, people, genealogy, world wide Search engines and more.

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