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Computer Viruses

La Plaza offers the following information regarding viruses to our users.  We have included a Virus Alert from Trend Micro Virus which is updated daily.  Check back often to keep informed on any new viruses and fixes available. If you need assistance or have questions please contact our help desk at 758-1836 or

No one who uses the Internet should be without virus protection. A single infected computer can easily generate hundreds of messages, potentially spreading the virus to many more computers.

The two most popular software programs are Norton and McAfee. You won't have a problem with any virus if your virus protection software is up-to-date.  Download and install the updates every two weeks, and whenever you hear about a new virus, check your virus software web sites for updates.

If you are using a Windows-based computer and your anti-virus software is not up-to-date, your computer could become infected if you open the attachment. If that happens, your computer will start sending messages with an attached file to every email address stored on your computer. 

Most viruses are developed to attack Microsoft products, particularly Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.  Microsoft develops security patches to fight against these attacks.  You must be proactive and do a Windows Update on your computer on a regularly scheduled basis. Go to the START button and select Windows Update. This will take you to the Microsoft page. Click on the link called Product Updates, it will tell you which updates you need on your computer.

Whether you are an Outlook Express or other mail program user, or even if you are a MAC user, DO NOT open up any executable attachment sent to you.  Remember you should not open up any attachment that you were not expecting even if it is from someone you know.

About.Com Virus Info - Excellent virus information as well as tips on how to protect your computer from virus/worm attacks.

Symantec Corporation: makers of Norton Anti-Virus Software

McAfee Anti- Virus Protection Software Alert Anti-Virus Programs - List of free programs that will either clean and/or scan your computer for viruses.

Read Bob Rankins Virus Protection 101 and 102 at the Internet Tourbus Site archives. Item # 150 & 151.

Hoax Warnings - This page is considered the industry standard information source for new virus hoaxes and false alerts.

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