Northern New Mexico's Community Network


La Plaza System Information

What you need to know to configure your computer

Dial-in Phone Numbers
  • Taos 737-5519 (Supporting 56K x2 V.90 Modem Technology)
PPP (Taos)
  • IP Address, DNS, Gateway, Netmask: Server Assigned
  • PPP-based user authentication
  • No scripts
Modem Configuration
  • 8 Data bits
  • 1 Stop bit
  • No Parity
  • Hardware flow-control (CTS/RTS (DTR))
Disabling Call Waiting
  • Insert the following before the phone number: *70,,
Terminal Configuration
  • No Extended Characters (strip hi-bit)
  • Terminal Emulation: VT100
TCP/IP Configuration
  • IP Address: Server Assigned
  • Netmask:
  • Gateway Address:
Domain Name Service (DNS)
  • Primary:
  • Secondary:
Internet Client Hostname Information
  • News Server (NNTP):
  • Mail Server (SMTP):
  • POP Server (POP):
  • WWW Server (HTTP):

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