Northern New Mexico's Community Network


Create a Dial-up Network Connection to La Plaza
Windows ME

Click on the "Start" button
Select "Settings"
Click on "Dial-up Networking"
Double-click "Make New Connection"
Name the new connection "La Plaza Digital"
Select a device: (leave as is)
Click "Next"
Phone number: 737-5519 (Do NOT enter area code)
Click "Next"
Click "Finish"

Using your connection
Make sure your modem is plugged in and connected to a phone line
Double-click the "La Plaza Digital" icon
Enter your La Plaza User Id
Enter your La Plaza Password
Click "Connect"
Once the connection process is complete, start your Browser and start surfing!

To put a "short-cut" icon on your desktop
In the dial-up networking window right-click on your "La Plaza Digital" icon
Select "Create shortcut"
It will prompt you, "Windows cannot create a shortcut here. Do you want to place it on the desktop instead?"
Click "Yes"
A La Plaza shortcut icon will soon appear on your desktop


For questions regarding our website:
   E-Mail - La Plaza Telecommunity