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Communicating with the La Plaza Board

The La Plaza board of directors welcomes your comments about La Plaza. In order that your communication can be most effective, we offer the following suggestions:

If you are experiencing a technical problem, the proper avenue is to send a message to or call La Plaza's tech support hotline at 751-4357.

send a message to

go the the La Plaza Support page

For discussion of technical issues, and for unofficial support, you may also join the volunteer community technical list, tech-team and send email to that list. You may send email to the list without being subscribed, but you may miss some of the discussion.

signup for the tech-team mailing list

send a message to

If you have a comment that you would like to make to the board, and open that comment up to general discussion, you may send email to the members mailing list. If you are not a La Plaza member, you may become one at no charge, which entitles you to join the members list. All La Plaza directors are also members of La Plaza and subscribe to the members mailing list, so we will see your comments there.

become a La Plaza Member

send a message to

If you wish to send your comment privately to the board, or do not wish to or cannot become a member, you may send email to the board directly:

send a message to

The La Plaza directors receive a considerable amount of email so we would be most appreciative if messages were not "double posted", i.e. please pick the best avenue for your communication and send it that way; do not send, for example, both to the members mailing list and to board as each director will then receive two copies.

Finally, please be advised that only the President of the board of directors is authorized to speak officially on behalf of the board.

For questions regarding our website:
   E-Mail - La Plaza Telecommunity