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La Plaza Telecommunity Learning Center
lab pix In accordance with our mission to provide education and training in computer and Internet technology, La Plaza offers a variety of Computer and Internet classes/workshops.  With a newly renovated training lab, we have expanded our curriculum to include a larger variety of classes.

If you are new to computers and technology or if you are skilled, La Plaza can help you from the basics of how to use a computer to more advanced software and hardware applications.
Curriculum Class Schedule
Classes are hands-on and designed to be fun and relaxed, a new approach to technology education with skills and training.  La Plaza's hands-on training is geared towards small group sessions or one-on-one.  Affordable, accessible training that puts you in first place. Ask your boss to arrange group training for her/his employees.

Nowadays the high paying jobs are open to anyone no matter their high school or college education the higher paying jobs are in technology. Discover how easy you can adapt to the world of computers and software. Become a more valued employee for your present boss or find a new higher paying job.

If you need to understand the Internet and how to interface with it, La Plaza can make you feel at home on the Web.  Our beginning Internet classes will help you start surfing now. If you want to start an Internet business and build or improve your website, learn the skills of web site design and e-commerce the easy hands-on way.

Starting and or maintaining a business is easier if you understand how to use your hardware and the best software for the job. Whether it's Powerpoint for effective sales presentations, MS Word for communication, Publisher for flyers or more complex software, La Plaza knows how to make it easy on your time and budget.

La Plaza supports your business with training of entrepreneurs and staff in software and technology to solve your business questions from basic software to web site design.

For more information about La Plaza classes please contact Jovonna Poe, Learning Center Coordinator, email: or call at 758-1836.

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