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Think Globally, Act Locally to promote Tolerance
by Amber Madrid

The way I would Identify my community to you would be difficult in a way, due to all the different things going on in my community. I live in Chamisal, but I go to school at Penasco Middle School. In Penasco I do most of the things I need to. I go to a store I can't say what its called, believe me, the liquior aisles are more full than the food aisles. I guess you can say my community has a great addiction to alchohol and drugs. There are many parties that go one in Penasco, although it is very small. I live in a very beautiful community, but our people are destroying that beauty.

The differences that exist in my community are many. There is people who despise alchohol and drugs, others love it. Some people care about what has happened on Septermber the eleventh. Others could careless. My community is farely smaller than other communities. I don't think there are any people who are homeless in my community. There are many different ethnicities in my community (Hispanic, Anglo, Indian, and African American).

In our world there are many, many, many differences in our world, because all the people have there own minds and a whole different way of thinking. Many people have different ethnicities than other people. People hardly agree with other people. This is the reason we have wars is because the world dosn't agree with each other.

In the dictionary tolerance means patience or understanding. But to me tolerance means to stay calm, keep on going or never give up. To me it means not to worry, keep your mind focused that we will get threw what has just happened. Other words don't look to the right or the left stay focused.

The reason tolerance is so important in today's world is because we need to have patience. Because if we don't have tolerance everyone will be fighting. Then we wouldn't all have peace. Not that we already don't have peace but it would be worse, much worse without tolerance. All of our teachers have tolerancce with all of their students. If our teachers didn't have tolerance I think eighty five to ninety percent of America students would be failing students.

Our parents are the number one reason why we need tolerance. If our parents didn't have tolerance or if the word tolerance never existed, I think all of the children and teens would be kicked out. If our mom's didn't have any tolerance or patients with us we would get sent to bed without supper, without tolerance we would all have an empty stomach. Without tolerance in our world we would all quit and be forgotten. Tolerance is very important in todays world.

The differences that are important and to be reconized and respected are people who have dissabilates or that are handicaped. These people are not meant to be stared at or laughed at. They are people who were created special by God just like we were created, except God made them the way he did for a purpose that he has for them. Another major diffrence we need to reconize and respect is the elderly. Often times the edlerly are forgotten some don't even have families or loved ones to spend many Holidays with. Elderly people need to be reconized because where do you think we came from, of course our elderly. We can at least go visit someone who is edlerly at their home or at the nursing center, elderly would love for people to visit them. All differences need to be reconized and respected.

Yes, I do believe differences are important. The world has to have differences because they put us threw a trial either to stare at them, ignore them or laugh at them with your friends. Or to get through the peer pressure not to stare, ignore or laugh at the people or differences, believe me that is not very simple or easy.

Differences are important also because if we weren't all different in our own way we would all be like robots thinking, walking, talking and acting the same and it would not work.

The things all of us can't tolerate is being lied too. We all dislike it. It hurts our feelings and makes us really mad.

Some of us can't tolerate having people smoke around them. It might make them sick to the stomach, and eventually they will have to move. I can not tolerate hearing someone get teased and bullied on, I will go and tell them "hey leave them alone!" I can not tolerate and I think you can't either seeing animals hungry and suffering. I bet you will feed that animal, something even a bisquit. I can't tolerate seeing a child being abused by their parents. We all can't tolerate someone younger yelling at someone older, and the older person doesn't say anything.

To me think globally, act locally means think about whats going on in our world, well so fare now in our world their is a war going on in Afganistan due to what happened on September the eleventh two thousand one, and what the terrorist did to the Twin Towers in New York. Their was not a person who wasn't affected by this incodent.

Their are many people who are homeless. Some might have food others are starving. Some people are very rich and they are stingy and won't try to help out the poor. The way I would tell you what act locally means to me is to understand and be informed about whats going on in the world and to try to see what you can do to help out in your community. Think what you can do, whether it be meetings, or fundraisers, or as simple to try to at least cut down on drugs and alchohol out of respect for our country. A little thing to you may do is a huge thing in someone else's life!

What we can do to build a caring community, locally and globally is helping out as much as we can whether it be with the elderly or teachers, even our parents. If we all do our won tasks at home and not complain. We all need to work together and do our own share. I know I need to help out more at my home or at school. We need to be calm with each other and have more patience with one-another. Love one-another, care for one-another. We need to believe in each other. Instead of pushing down someone low, bring them high with good remarks! We need to be calm and caring but still serious. We can get America back on her feet with caring if we help and care for each other.

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