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A Single Act, So Many Changes
by Adriana Romero

Many people have gone day by day not thinking that in a split second our world can be changed forever. The tragedy on September 11, 2001 has made the world and it"s people, think, and feel differently now.

There are many differences in my community such as,, races, ethnicities, religion, and beliefs. For living in a small community in Taos County, I see many differences everyday. There are few races and ethnicities, such as Hispanic, White,, Black, and Native American. We look around and see that other people treat other races differently. I think that we should all treat one another equally. The differences in my community are similar to those in the world. Although, there are more crimes, violence, and racism in larger cities, these issues still affect smaller communities. Many families move to smaller communities thinking that they will escape the violence of big cities, but there are still disturbances, although in smaller amounts. We often recognize the world's differences by culture,, race,, beliefs, and the way people were raised within their families.

All of us people in the world should be able to recognize and respect the differences in the world. We ask ourselves, "Are differences important?" Yes, differences are important. If we didn't have diversity we would all look and act the same. The world would be tedious and dull. I believe that all the people should respect the differences throughout the world. We should respect each other by not judging people looks, beliefs,, and lifestyles. We should all treat each other equally. If we do this,, our world, community, and nation can become a better place.

Tolerance is to permit or put up with one another. Tolerance isn"t something we are obligated to do, it should come naturally. We must allow and permit one another to live our lives the way we choose. Tolerance is important in today"s world because we need to allow people's opinions, beliefs., feelings, religion and freedom of speech. Without tolerance, our world would be complete chaos. It is also important, because we need to listen and respect people"s ideas. Even though, there are times when we don't agree with others, we need to have tolerance in order to have peace in this world. Tolerance is important in order for our nation to be united.

Why isn"t tolerance always a good thing?

There are some things in this world that cannot be tolerated. For example, when people mistreat others negatively with racial slurs. We cannot tolerate violence,, fighting, killing, burglary, racism., and being prejudice. We can"t tolerate these things,, because they bring a lot of hatred into our world, and have caused many problems for people. Killing is by far the worst crime, and cannot be tolerated. If there weren"t any killings, fighting., or any other crimes, our world would be at peace.

In order for our world to have peace and unity we need to start within our own communities. In our schools we can learn about races,, religions, and beliefs. Also many of us can volunteer their time in hospitals, working with the elderly, beautifying our towns, by planting trees and flowers, picking up trash,, and recycling cans and bottles. If we learn to respect one another we can get along and make the world a better place. Once we start doing this, our world will see many changes in the way we act towards each other and the way we live our lives. Also no one will have to suffer the intolerable acts like the one that occurred on September 11, 2001.

In conclusion, people all around the world will remember The llth of September. We have contemplated about this day, and have come closer together. We will continue to be united throughout our nation regardless of the consequences.

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