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       L. Pascual Martinez One of the foremost Taoseños involved in community service was Pascual Martinez born in 1884 in Ranchito. His family tree has deep roots in Taos soil. Pascual's record in public service to his country is an impressive one. He served on bond drives, raised funds for the Red Cross, for the National War Fund, he crusaded against infantile paralysis, traveled in all kinds of weather in the Bookmobile over bad roads, showing movies, educating his people. Perhaps more than any other Spanish-American, Pascual was a strong link that combined tradition and today together. His forbearers left an important and powerful imprint upon Taos -- both educationally and esthetically. Pascual made his imprint too -- on woods and streams, mountain and valley -- in public service, in town county and state. He respected the old and championed the new.

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