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La Plaza is pleased with the positive responses we have received from users regarding the Postini Email Assistant. Like anything else new, one has to figure out how to use it and tweak it for the best performance.

Here are some frequently asked and answered questions we have been receiving regarding the Email Assistant. You may want to save or print this message for further reference.

Q. How do I login to my Personal Message Center?
A. You can log in directly from the La Plaza homepage., just click on the link "Email Assistant Log In."

You can also login at Set this page in your Bookmarks or Favorite folders for easy access.

Once there, you must type in your entire email address,

Make sure your caps lock key is not on when you are typing in your email address or password.

Q. I no longer have the message that gave me a temporary password or I forgot my password?
A. Go to the login page, type in your email address. Go ahead and type in anything into the password box. You will be taken to a page that alerts you in red "Password is incorrect. Please try again." Underneath this message is a link "Forgot your password?" Click here and a message with a new temporary password will be sent to your email account when you click the Submit button.

Q. I clicked on the "DELETE" button but the message was still there.
A. You must first select the message(s) by clicking in the small box to the left of the message. A check mark will appear. You then select the action you want to take, "DELETE" or "DELIVER"

Q. Postini held an email message from a mailing list that I wanted? How do I ensure that this doesn’t happen?
A. Once you select the message for delivery, you are taken to another area where you can add the email address to your Approved Senders list. From then on all email from that sender will be delivered directly to your mailbox on your computer. Please make sure to go into the Message Center and familiarize yourself with the different features.

Q. Can I have just the Virus Protection Assistant and not the Junk Mail Assistant?
A. Yes. You can turn the assistants on or off. In your Message Center you will see Links to "Junk Email" and "Virus" If you click on the link you get into a page where you can turn the service on or off. If you are traveling and unable to access your personal message center you can use this option if you know you are going to be gone more than 2 weeks. Upon returning you can turn it back on.

Q. How does this service Work?
A. Each email is analyzed on-the-fly by a rules-based filtering engine that is operated by Postini.
  • Desired email is delivered to your mailbox as usual
  • Suspect email is quarantined in your personal message center
  • The web-based message center interface allows you to safely view quarantined emails and decide whether to receive or delete them
  • Filter categories include sexually explicit, get rich quick, racially insensitive, and special offers
  • Each filter can be configured to lenient, moderate or aggressive
  • You can enable/disable Spam or virus filtering
  • Specific senders can be approved or blocked
  • No ads or other modifications are inserted in your mail
  • No one reads your mail
  • Filtering is done only on received mail, not sent mail
For more information, Postini has a FAQ page at:

Q. Do I still need virus protection software on my computer?
A. As always, please remember that no virus scan is always 100% effective or fail safe, but Postini has partnered with McAfee Anti-Virus to provide the best e- mail virus scan money can buy. We still recommend you have virus-scanning software on your computer to capture viruses that may be in files you download off the Internet or in files on floppy disks and cd's you may share. Also, if you receive email from another La Plaza user you could also become infected if that user has a computer virus. The reason for this is La Plaza user's email does not go to Postini servers.

Q. Why am I still receiving a lot of junk mail?
A. When La Plaza users were first activated, the filters were set at the most lenient. We though it appropriate for users to determine the level of filtering they desire. Postini allows YOU to set the filter level and filter screening for Sexually Explicit messages, Get Rich Quick Schemes, Racially Insensitive messages, Special Offers & Bulk mail.

Q. I am going away on vacation. How can I be sure I will not lose valid email messages.
A. Postini's junk mail screening capture suspect items and holds them in quarantine for 14 days, allowing you to review the quarantined items and decide to delete them, let them expire on Postini or deliver the message to your Mailbox on your computer. You can turn off the Junk Mail Assistant if you know you are traveling and will be unable to access your personal message center.

Find out more on how Virus Protection Assistant works.

Find out more how Junk Email Assistant works.

If you need assistance with this service please call us at 758-1836 or email us at

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