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Using Email

Email is the most widely used Internet application used. It is a great way to communicate with your friends, family and colleagues around the world. Here are some basic instructions on how to use email.

To send and receive email you first need an email program such as Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, etc. You can download an email program from our download page. Second, you need an email account. This is included with your La Plaza Internet access dial-up account. Remember, all programs behave differently. These steps are meant to be general guidelines, not step-by-step instructions for all email programs. Consult the help menu provided to you in your program for specific details.

How do I receive mail?
Open your email client. Click on the button or menu option that says Get Msg, Deliver Now, or Check for new mail. Make sure you are first connected to the Internet if your program does not automatically connect you to the Internet.

How do I send email?
First, you need to open your email program. Again make sure you are connected.. From there, click on the option that says Compose Message or New Message. This should open a new window. Enter the email address of your recipient in the To field and a short subject in the Subject field. You may leave the cc and bcc (if area at the bottom of the window. Press Send when you have finished the message.

Mailing Lists
A mailing list (or listserve) is a group of email addresses that can all be reached by sending a single message to one address: the list address. Messages sent to the list are distributed to each of the list subscribers. By sending messages to the list, subscribers can have ongoing discussions with each other and need only keep track of one address.

Learn more about Mailing Lists and lists hosted by La Plaza.

Email Etiquette (Netiquette)
  • Never use all CAPITALS when writing your letters. It is considered rude on the internet (The equivalent of shouting) and it is hard on the eyes.
  • Make sure you include an appropriate and short message title in the subject line.
  • Never send anything you would not want to see in tomorrow's newspaper. There are no security guarantees with electronic mail. Avoid sending ANY confidential or sensitive information via email. Remember, it's very easy for someone else to forward messages you thought were confidential.
  • When you are upset or angry, learn how to use to the postpone command. Review the message after you have had time to calm down.
  • Do not send abusive, harassing or threatening messages.
  • Be cautious when using sarcasm and humor. Without facial expressions and tone of voice, they do not translate easily through email.
  • Keep messages and replies brief.
  • Use email in a professional manner. Remember, you cannot control where your message might be sent.
  • Do not send chain letters through email. This includes any message that contains a request to forward the information to lots of other people.
  • Don't leave your email account open when you leave your computer. Anyone could sit down at your keyboard and send out any libelous/ offensive/embarrassing message under your name.
  • Don't send replies to "all recipients" unless there is a very specific need for everyone to receive the message. It wastes disk space.
  • When replying, keep messages brief and to the point. Don't reproduce a message in its entirety. Be selective with what you reproduce and only do it as needed.
  • Remember that all laws governing copyright, defamation, discrimination and other forms of written communication also apply to email.

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