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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following Frequently Asked Questions have been compiled by our help-desk technicians, to help you troubleshoot your La Plaza dial up connection and email issues. The majority of La Plaza users use Windows-based computers. Most of the following FAQs are aimed at these users. We apologize to any Mac users who are unable to utilize this information.

Call La Plaza at 758-1836 or email us at if you are unable to resolve any problem you have with your La Plaza dial-up connection or email account.

Problems getting Connected
Staying Connected
Email Problems

Problems getting Connected
Q I can't connect?
A Try the following:
  • Restart your computer.
  • Use your Dial up Connection to connect rather that your Browser or Email icons.
  • Check the modem cord to make sure it's plugged tightly into the phone jack.
  • Check your telephone line to make sure you have a dial tone.
Q  When I dial in, I get to verifying username and password, but it keeps asking me to enter my password.
A  Check to see if your Caps Lock is down. The login and password are case sensitive.

Q  It is still asking me for my password when I dial in. I checked the Caps Lock key and it is not on.
A  Go into your dial up networking folder. Open your La Plaza icon and check the username and password. Retype them making sure you have entered them correctly.

Q  Windows says I am dialing but I don't hear any modem sounds.
A  In your connection dialogue box, click on "details". If it tells you there is no dial tone, then your modem is not really dialing. Check your telephone cord that runs from your computer to the wall jack to make sure that it is connected properly.

Q  The modem is dialing but it never reaches your modems.
A  How long is your telephone cord that runs from your computer to your wall jack? If it is over 20 feet, it may be too long. Move your computer and try a cord that is under 12 feet and see if that takes care of the problem.

Staying Connected
Q  I am getting connected but disconnected almost immediately.
A   Do a restart. If that does not take care of it, check your server types settings. In Windows go to "My Computer", double-click open dialup networking, do a right click on your La Plaza icon, left click on "properties". On the page that opens click on the "Server Types" tab. Make sure that "Log on to network" is NOT checked. The only two things that need to be checked are "Enable software compression" and "TCP/IP". Click OK.

Q  Why do I get disconnected in the middle of doing something.
A  Here are some of the reasons and what you can do.
  • La Plaza automatically disconnects you if your computer is idle for 15 minutes. This means if you are reading or composing Email and not doing other Internet activities, i.e. not sending email, surfing the web, etc. you will be disconnected..
  • La Plaza automatically disconnects you after 4 hours whether you are actively online or idle. Reconnect. If you are in the midst of downloading a program, you can often reconnect and continue with the downloading process.
  • If you are a Windows User, you may be disconnected due to a default setting that is in Dial-Up Networking. Go to My Computer/Dial-Up Networking, right click on your La Plaza connection icon. Under where your modem is listed, click on configure, Go to the Connection tab and remove the check in the box "Disconnect if idle for more than", Click OK.
  • If you have call waiting on your telephone, you must disable in your computer settings. If you are a Windows user do the following: Go to Settings/Control Panel/Telephony, check the box :To disable call waiting, dial" and enter"*70," Click Apply and OK.
  • Another cause can be a phone cord that is too long. Try to keep the cord 12 feet in length or under. Do not wrap up any extra, use only the size cord you need.
Email Problems
Q  I cannot get my mail?
A  Check your server settings in the Properties/Preferences of your Email program. Make sure the incoming and outgoing mail servers read: Make sure your username and password are correct. Also make sure you are online when you are checking for new mail. Read the instructions on setting up Outlook Express or Netscape Mail.

Q  Why am I receiving some of my mail and not all of it?
A  Someone may have sent you a large attachment, i.e. picture. Use La Plaza's Web mail program to retrieve it and discard it. Download to disk any large attachments you may have and delete them from the server.

You can also telnet into La Plaza and use the Pine Email program to delete unwanted messages.

Q  I am not receiving my mail , I keep getting an error that says my box is "read only."
A  Call La Plaza and we will correct the problem.

Q  How can I stop junk mail?
A  Here are some tips to limit the spam you receive
  1. Do not reply back asking to be removed from the list.
  2. Set up a separate email account with a free web based email service like yahoo for any online transactions.
  3. Use your delete key and trash the junk mail
Read more about Spam.
Read about Viruses and how to protect yourself from them.

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