Hondo Fire
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We now have a page with a list of families who lost homes in the Lama area.

As reported by KTAO Radio 101.5 FM, Taos

Special thanks to Nancy Stapp and the rest of the crew at KTAO for keeping us all up to date, and especially Betsy Model for her tireless reporting from the scene of the fire since the story broke yesterday.

5/10 6PM
The Fire is fully contained.

5/10 AM
The Fire is said to be 70% contained. Total containment is expected by tonight.

5/9 8:00 am
The Hondo fire is reported to be 30% contained.

5/8 1:35pm
The Lama Neighborhood Association has announced that there will be a meeting to discuss possible state and federal sources of funding for the displaced families of Lama. The meeting will be held Thursday, May 9th, at 7:00pm at the Red River Fish Hatchery.

5/8 12:15pm
As aired on KTAO radio, Betsy Model reported that Governor Gary Johnson attended the Red River Citizens meeting with other state, local & federal representatives.

The Governor was asked about the status of receiving federal aid for those displaced by the fire. He still has not received a commitment concerning federal aid for the displaced families. He stated that federal assistance in the way of fire fighting has been in effect and that funds for replanting and reclaimation of the area should be available. He commented that the State of New Mexico is open to what they might do as a state to aid the victims. Gov. Johnson is considering banning fireworks over the July 4th holiday due to the extremely dry conditions.

5/8 11:10 am
An Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) from the American Red Cross is on it's way up to Lama with food and supplies.

The Red Cross is keeping a log of calls of assistance and donations and will be matching up offers to the needs of the victims as they become know.

Call the Red Cross if you have items for donation, housing or services you wish to offer. (505) 758-1405 or 751-7580

5/7 5:05
Per KTAO radio report, Hwy 522 will be opened to the general public, north to Colorado and south to Taos at 7:00pm tonight (5/7/96). The road could be closed again in the morning (5/8/96)
Hwy 38 remains closed between Questa and Red River to all people except Red River residents and Molycorp employees who are on the list given to the highway officials. Molycorp employees scheduled to go into work should have been contacted by Molycorp. If your name is not on the list, you will not be let into the area. KTAO radio has a list of the employees scheduled to report to work. You could contact them for information.

5/7 4:35
Hwy 38 has been opened to Red River residents ONLY effective 4:30pm. Identification must be shown to authorities. Winds are very gusty in Red River at this time. This opening is subject to weather/fire conditions.
Forrest lands are off limits to all individuals entering the area.
You must be prepared to evacuate the area upon notice.
Red River officials have announced a community meeting is being held for residents on Wednesday, May 8th at 2:00pm.

5/7 3:55pm
Residents of Red River are now allowed back in, but only through Bobcat pass via Eagle Nest. Must have ID with proof of residency. HWY 38 FROM QUESTA TO RED RIVER IS STILL CLOSED. Those entering the area will still be under a 2-4 hour evacuation notice, and must be prepared to leave at any time

5/7 3:45pm
The Red Cross does not need any more clothing or supply donations. What is urgently needed at this point are financial donations, and volunteers at the Armory. Call the Red Cross at (505) 758-1405 or 751-7580.

5/7 2:20pm
President Clinton has requested that more firefighters be made available to fight the wildfires in New Mexico

5/7 2pm
600+ firefighters, tankers & slurry bombers are continuing to battle the Hondo Fire both by air and on the ground. Efforts are concentrated between Bear Canyon and Columbine. Periodically they are dousing flare ups in the Lama area.

5/7 1:45pm
Contrary to rumor, Highway 38 to Red River is not open. You will be turned back by State Police

5/7 1:09pm
Nancy Stapf from KTAO radio reported from the National Guard Armory that donations of baby items, baby food and clothing are needed. Also needed are packed meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, peanut butter, jelly and any packaged sandwich items. Protein drinks and water are also needed. Boxes and plastic bags are still needed for distribution of donated goods.

The displaced Lama residents are asking for camping items, cooking utensils including pots, pans and bowls. They have also asked for the use of mobile trailers, tents, tarps for housing. Call Carina at 776-5620.

New Buffalo is in need of a refrigerator or freezer.776-2015.

General Rental in Taos is donating hand trucks to assist in moving donated items.

5/6 7:05 - Gov. Gary Johnson has officially declared a State of Emergency.
Donations of diapers and toiletry items are badly needed at the National Guard Armory in Taos

5/6 4:50pm - Flare-ups have still been occuring in the Lama area for the past 2 1/2 - 3 hours.
Still no plans to evacuate the San Cristobal area. Residents are advised to cautiously remove animals and belongings and seek shelter elsewhere.
Highway 522 is open ONLY to residents of Questa. No Through traffic to Colorado.Traffic is being turned back at the San Cristobal turn-off.
Sammy Montoya, County Manager, has announced a meeting Wednesday 5/9 at 10 am to pass a resolution to ban all open burning until fire conditions improve.

5/6 6:15pm - Access into San Cristobal has been CLOSED

5/6 4pm - Schools in both Questa and Red River will be closed tomorrow (6/7)
Workers at Molycorp Inc. are NOT to report to work unless specifically called to do so

5/6 3:45pm - A power line near Questa, which serves 2000 residents of the area is being threatened by the fire

5/6 3:15pm - San Cristobal Evacuation order has been CANCELLED

5/6 3pm - Lama Residents are being asked to contact the Red Cross at 758-1405
They have messages to relay

5/6 2:45pm - A large flare-up has been reported in the Lama area

5/6 2:30pm - Residents of San Cristobal are being asked to Evacuate Immediately
Officials at the fire command post have ordered an evacuation in the San Cristobal area, north of Taos. Reports say that flames have started up again in the original area of the fire, therefore, residents have been asked to evacuate.

Lama News - According to eyewitnesses at the Lama Foundation, the main (dome) building, the new kitchen, and the library are still standing. Other structures have burned.
15 structures belonging to 11 families in Lama are reported to have burned.