Hondo Fire
Victim Support

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Taos Emergency Services Directory

There was a Lama Community Meeting last night (5/9) at the Red River Fish Hatchery. Here's a Report
by Terry Wolff

Red Cross

The American Red Cross is assisting people who are looking for family members and friends and are also gathering information concerning available homes/rooms for people who need a place to stay.

Lama victims are requested to please call the Red Cross to check in and receive messages.

Red Cross is also coordinating shelter and feeding needs for livestock and other animals affected by the fire.

Please call Shelley Bahr at The American Red Cross -1 (505) 758-1405 or 751-7580

We now have a Red Cross Page with a list of families who lost homes in the Lama area.

CERF (Craft Emergency Relief Fund)

CERF has offered it's services to displaced craftspeople. They are offering quick cash help to craftspersons who have lost the means to work by disaster.
Donations to CERF are tax deductible
CERF/Craft Emergency Relief Fund
Cornelia Carey, Director
Po Box 838
Montpelier, VT 05601
(802)229-2306 (802)229-2028

Health Care

Taos Clinic for Children (505)758-8651 and Youth at the Taos Court House is providing free health care for children affected by the fire

Holy Cross Hospital
1397 Weimer Rd.

Questa Health Center
State Hwy 522
building 2573 North side of Questa
(505) 586-0315

Taos County Mental Health Services is offering help to those affected by the Hondo Fire. People who need counseling or friends or family members who know of someone who could use the services of Taos County Mental Health can call 758-1125.

This phone number will be manned 24 hours a day.

Victims and people concerned about their whereabouts may also leave messages on the La Plaza Hondo Fire Message Page. Email fire@laplaza.org or call (505) 758-1836.

Other Support

The CASDV (Community Against Sexual & Domestic Violence Feed Bin has announced that they will be open Wednesday May 8 thru Saturday May 11th from 9:00am till 4:00pm for those who need clothing. There is lots of stuff available.

For further information contact CASDV at 758-8082

US West is offering free messaging to Lama victims. Put a message on your phone line that tells people who call about your situation.
Call US West at 1-800-573-1311.

Business Compound is offering free voice mail service to fire victims.
Call (505) 758-0123

The Humane Society of Taos has been collecting dog and cat food for the four legged victims of the Hondo Fire. The community has really come through and the Humane Society has announced that at this time, they do not need more donations. They do need volunteers at the shelter to assist with distribution.
On Monday, May 6th, there was some space available for boarding pets, call the Humane Society if this type of assistance is needed.
Fire victims who are in need of dog or cat food can pick it up at the Humane Society during regular hours.
1200 St. Francis Lane For More Information Call - 758-2981

New Mexico Social Service Dept. has set up an Information and Referal Desk for victims of the Hondo Fire at the National Guard Armory in Taos
(505) 758-8871

The Northside Fitness Center is offering shower faculties for Lama fire victims
Northside Fitness Center
1307 Paseo del Pueblo Sur
El Prado
1 (505) 751-1242
6am - 9pm Weekdays
8am - 8pm Weedends