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Symbolism of the Hondo Fire

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From email posted to the La Plaza "anyone" mailing list by Tom Greer. It is a piece by Margaret Moulton who once lived in Taos.

From tgreer@laplaza.taos.nm.usWed May  8 10:46:56 1996
Date: Wed, 8 May 1996 07:30:27 -0600 (MDT)
From: "Tom A. Greer" 
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Subject: Fire (fwd)

This message came from a wise friend in Maine who used to live in Taos.  
Some of you may have known Margaret Moulton when she lived here.  If it 
helps even one person, it will have served its purpose.

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Date: Tue, 7 May 1996 22:09:02 -0600 (MDT)
From: Irene S. Falk 
Subject: Fire

This a piece write by Margaret explaining the fire for Monica.  I think 
it is abeautiful piece and would like to share it with EVERYONE. If you 
Tom know how to get it to EVERYONE please send it.  Thank you. Monica, 
notice I have changed the pronouns.


The Symbolism of the NM fire :

FIRE is one of the Elemental Spirits of creation and is a
powerful essence that bridges the duality which characterizes
third dimension reality on the Earth plane.  It warms and
sustains, it annihilates and transforms.  And although this
dual-characteristic is present in the other three Elemental
Beings of nature, none exemplifies it with such intensity and
majesty as FIRE.

In this situation, FIRE consuming the forests of Northern New
Mexico and threatening the home-location ... is offering some
fast and potent messages.  One of the most necessary is that of
learning to make decisions in the present moment, the way
required when fleeing from the path of oncoming flames.  In such
a situation there is no time to ponder or vacillate... decisions
are made in the instant, based on instinct and survival.  

FIRE, playing the dark side of duality, is actually lighting
one's way homeward to our own most basic gifts.  There is no use
for logic here, or tarrying, or delay... there is the call to
move... to make haste with the exquisite precision that is one of
our dearest birthrights.

The "place" one's soul is trying to attain represents a gigantic
leap into the interior of ones own vastness.  This endeavor can
be symbolized by the Elemental Spirit of FIRE... for it carries
some similar energies.

The FIRST is THE FOCUS OF CARE... a calm but intense attitude
that FIRE demands and this one's soul is now requiring.  One is
being called to shift primary energies into soul-work...  into
jumping the chasm >from logical, well-thought-out practicality... 
to the new and unfamiliar territory of radical trust.

responds to WIND.  Here there is no plan, path or itinerary; FIRE
is moved by the breath of the WIND... and it surrenders totally
to the power and will inherent in this invisible force.  One is
reaching that juncture in the evolutionary journey where one is
being called to surrender to an unseen force, to be directed by
that force, and to relinquish all desire to chart ones own

moves the fire does not allow it to remain in one place... as the
elements that fuel the FIRE are seared and transfigured with
all-consuming velocity... so, too, there is no room for
sentimentality or attachment.

Life does not remain in stasis... and as the old familiar
landmarks are consumed by the blaze that touches not only Taos,
but quite truly, one-third of our human population... you need to
be packed and ready to move.  You need to be sparce, clear and
focused, free of the baggage that ties you down, burned clear of
thoughts that burden you.

This brush with FIRE is understandably fearful and
disturbing.  But that is FIRE'S dark side.  The light side, the
aspect of illumination and warmth, is also present in this event,
albiet more difficult to isolate out and appreciate.

It means simply that one is being challenged to embrace the
dual-reality that FIRE symbolizes... that one is being called
forcefully into the ever-shifting present moment of life, and
that one learn the difficult lesson of being carried by a WIND
stronger than ones own will, lighter than all ones efforts, and
purer than ones finest aspirations.

The shift of desire one experiences because of FIRE is simply a
jolt-of-perspective which serves to show the transitory nature of
all phenomena.  Yesterday  was "green-light-enthusiastic..."
today she is "red-light-warned."  Such "flips of perspective" are
one experience which characterizes the era in which you dwell.

The course of action one would do well to take now is a course
comprised by spontaneous, in-the-moment, gut-level,
what-feels-right, PURE RESPONSE... a response with wings, with
flexibility, and with its roots in truth.

The impermanence of the material world has rarely been so
demonstrated as it is now, and recognizing and honoring this
reality will lift you to the crest of the wave... whose power
will carry you to the next shore.

by Margaret Moulton   Blue Hill Falls, Maine

"Tom A. Greer"  -- anyone