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From wolff@laplaza.taos.nm.usFri May 10 07:27:40 1996
Date: Fri, 10 May 1996 02:19:07 -0600 (MDT)
From: Terry Wolff 
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Subject: Llama Fire Meeting


Just back from the Llama meeting at the Red River Hatchery and with all
things concidered, I felt the spirits were quite remarkably high.However
some of that may have been trama couping devises.  I am making this report
without actually mentioning speakers names since I only went there to let
them know that we have a fire page which I had encouraged them to utilize
as a means of networking with the community.  I also asked the Red Cross
if they could link us to their page.  I have a Red Cross Press release
which I will bring in the morning.

The first part of the meeting dealt with the organizing of the community
of llama.

* Starting Friday, all items of clothing etc will be relocated from the
  Armory and moved to Treasure Island.  Anyone able to help should call
  the Armory.
* Food items will be stored at various homes remaining in 
  Llama. Any food which can not be utilized will be directed to other
  Taos charities.  I believe the Red Cross will help in doing that.
* There will be a small trailer set up as a command center and a place
  to post notices.

The second part was speakers from the State, Forest Service, Red Cross,

* The two state reps were less than encouraging.  Seems there is very
  little funds available for this disaster from both the state and the 
* The Forest Service assured us that they would not buldoze or cutstanding
  snags and that the integrity of the  wilderness will be preserved.
* An animal group has offered to track down lost pets and attempt to get
  them back to their owners.
* Monies collected by Peoples Bank will be distributed once damages can be
* Tuesday the state is sending a team up to evuate damages so they can    
  approach the feds for help.
* Army canvas tents are being made available for the homeless.
* Senator Richardson sent a several page fax with information directed    
  for those who lost their homes.
* The Red Cross told everyone what they would provide and were one of the
  mostpromising of all those who spoke.
* I am sorry that I can't remember who he represented but he has been     
  assigned to Llama to help them get as much relief as possible. He will
  be going to Santa Fe in attempt to get some funds.
* Lastly, the American Red Cross has also made available their Disaster
  Stress Counclier who talked to the group as what to expect after this  
  sort of trama.  The key points she made were that all disaster victoms  
  will for the first week or two be...

    1. Very forgetful
    2. Suffer lost of retention
    3. Easly distracted

  She encouraged the group to keep this in mind and told them that most of
  them would not remember most of what was said at the meeting. She
  encouraged everyone to...

    1. Carry a pad
    2. Keep notes and lists
    3. When dealing with the fed, state, insurance companies, etc to be  
       sure that all that is said is put in writing
    4. Not to make any quick desicions.
    5. Postpone any important meetings and events until they feel back to 

The meeting was still going on when I left.Since I am not a reporter and
am getting rather tired I am vacating this venture.

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