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Information about Child
Labor Laws:
*   New Mexico does not have a minimum wage for elementary or secondary students.
     Compensation is an agreement between the employer and the employee.  However, federal
     minimum wage and overtime requirements may be applicable, for clarification contact the
     FLSA Wage Hour Division at (214) 767-6897

*   Students under sixteen (16) years of age must have work permits at all times.  To obtain a
     work permit the student must contact their school counselor or principal.  For questions
     contact; Tiffany Starr at 827-6830 the Department of Labor Santa Fe office.

*   The work permit is issued by the school or the Director of the Labor & Industrial Division
     of the Labor Department or the Director's designee.

*   To obtain a work permit the student must have evidence of age; birth certificate, baptismal
     certificate, driver's license, state identification, etc.

*   Student's under sixteen (16) years of age are not permitted to work more than eight (8) hours a
     day or forty-four (44) hours in one week.  Students are also prohibited to work between the
     hours of 9:00 pm and 7:00 am.  There are no hour restriction for students over sixteen (16)
     years of age.

*   Federal tax, state tax, social security and workman's compensation are the four (4) lawful
     deductions without a signed authorization from the employee or a court order.

*   Pay periods are required to be not more than sixteen (16) days apart.

*   If an employee is discharged, the employer shall pay such wages within five (5) calendar
     days of such discharge when on a set wage.  It commission or piece work,  the employee shall
     be paid within ten (10) days.

*   If the employee quits the employer shall pay such wages on the next regular payday.

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