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As an Employer you might ask:
What is in it for me and my company?
*   Federal EZ/EC Work Opportunity Tax Credit - $2100.00 /new hire.

*   Appeal of working with youth that will learn first hand about your business.

*   Employer participation in the community and good public relations for your business.

*   Employers sense of civic duty.
*   Reduction of costs and time for recruiting, screening, training and selection of new workers.

*   Existing employees mentoring students have the opportunity to develop or improve their
     supervisory and communication skills.

*   Re-energize and improve performance of existing employees.   Morale booster.

*   Learn from students - many students have computer and technology skills and would enjoy
     sharing their knowledge.

*   Provides employers with record of hiring youth.

*   Serve as springboard for expanding STWO among other employers

*   Employers can help identify skills required to fill jobs

*   Employers can articulate education reform in their community schools.

*   Local employers can promote youth to seek jobs in their communities instead of moving away
     to larger cities.

*   Offer activities for students such as tours of your business.  Participation in job fairs.

*   Work with a school to develop mastery certificates that reflect skills students need to have for
     entry into your business.

*   Offer summer externships for teachers so they can take first hand business experience back to
     their classrooms and integrate what they learned into their curriculum.

*   Serve on School-To-Work steering committees and school boards.

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