Taos Day School Times

Volume 1, Number 9 - May 16, 1996

A Springtime of Activities

Trip to Crow Canyon

by Angelina, Lynnette, and Carley

Twenty-two students from 3rd Grade to 5th Grade went to Crow Canyon in Cortez, Colorado to learn about our ancestors. We went on April 14, 1996. We stayed there for three long days. The girls had to stay outside in the hogans and the boys stayed in the lodge because they're wimps. We had to wake up at 6:00 am and went to bed at 10:00 pm. We had to go to our class. Our teacher's names were Tim and Margie from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

This is what we did at Crow Canyon. We met some people from Colorado. We also went to Mesa Verde and saw a lot of dwellings and we walked around. We went to see old pueblos. And we were pretending that we were digging up real bones and pottery. On the last night, we burned marshmallows and had a scavenger hunt with these kids from Denver. Then, the next morning we headed back home. For lunch we ate at McDonalds. We got home at 12:30 midnight on Wednesday the 17th of April.

See more Crow Canyon pictures in the Photo Gallery.

The Fire at Hondo
by Anna and Kateri

The Hondo Fire started Sunday May 5,1996 in San Cristobal. The fire started because a person was burning trash and it got out of control. In the evening there was a lot of smoke and you could see a little of red in the clouds. The fire fighters didn't pay attention to the fire until it got big. Then they were called by the Taos Pueblo Fire Station to try to stop the fire. Many dad's from the pueblo went to fight the fire.

In New Mexico there has been a lot of of fires through the past few months. Because it is so dry in here. It hasn't rained at all in New Mexico. On the news the reporters said that they might have to ban fireworks on the Fourth of July because Mr. Governor Gary Johnson thinks that fires might start up again.

Special Arts Festival
by Kateri

Here at Taos Day School on Monday, May 6th there was an Art Festival. In the school gym we had some Aztec dancers. They were doing a prayer and a dance for rain. We learned tai chi, we wrote a song and made paper jewelry. And some flamenco dancers came to do a dance for us. And for lunch we had a Bar -B-Q.

CM Trip To Seattle
by Kirby and Naarah

When Frank, Gerran, Naarah, and I went to Seattle, Washington on April 11th for the NISBA conference it was fun. We went on the Monorail to the Space Needle. It was cool up there. The next day was the conference at the Red Lion. We presented a workshop on the Conflict Managers Program. It was an hour long.

After that we went back to the hotel and had a Skittle war. The next day we went to the airport and got on the plane. When we got to Utah we only had 10 seconds to go from one door to the next.

Solar Power- Up Car Race
by Antonio and Mark

The fifth grade students started to build solar cars on April 2, 1996 until March 7. When we started to build the cars we had to make the chassis, screw the motor together and in no time we were ready for the race.

The names of the cars were Einstein Solar Car Crew, the Black Hawks, Racing with the Sun, Killer Sharks, Power- Up, The Knights, Sun Racers and the Suns. The car that took first place in the race was the Power-Up. Second was Racing with the Suns and third was the Killer Sharks.

Drill Team 2nd in State

We are very pleased to announce that our Drill Team received Second Place in the elementary division at the Spirit Festival in Albuuerque on Saturday, April 13th!

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