Taos Day School Times

Volume 2, Number 2 - October 14, 1997

The New Teacher
by Nashima

There is a new teacher at the Taos Day School. She is teaching the sixth - eighth grades History. She began on September 29th.

The teacher is Mrs. Maria Elena Romero. Yes, she is Asia and Jordan's mom. She used to work at Fairview Elementary School teaching second grade. This would be a good change for the school and also a big help for the teachers.

September 30th
by Kirby

September 30th was a fun day for most of the kids. For others it wasn't so good because they got thrown in the cold water.

I asked some of the kids what they spent their money on. A lot of them said food and drinks. One of my teachers said she bought jewelry. That day was hot. But after all I think everyone had fun.

Horno Making
by Charisse

On Monday Oct. 6,1997 Andy Haimowitz asked the 6th, 7th & 8th grade to help with the horno next to the Kindergargen. It was for Service Learning.

I interviewed some of the workers that helped that day. Renee said that she had fun just watching the people make it because she didn't and couldn't get dirty. Shannon said that everybody is having fun and that she like helping with Service Learning.

The Horno is for everybody to use. Hopefully everybody will take care of it and hopefully it will be done soon. Everybody (with a grown up) can come up and use it. It's a dirty job but it's worth it.

Kids check-ups
by Brandon

This is about the day I helped the nurse in the libary. On October 6, 1997 at lunch recess I was picked to help the nurse in the library. My job was to bring in the little kids from first, second, and third to the library so they could get their eyes, ears, height, blood-pressure, and heartbeat checked. It took three hours to check all of the first, second, and third graders. It was a fun day for me and the other kids that helped because we got to miss three hours of school that day.

Andy and Tina's Candy Store
by Lavette

Andy and Tina sometimes get their candy from Sam's Club, Smith's and Ponca Enterprises. They sell candy to have enough money to go on trips. Last year they helped the first grade and helped pay people to go to conferences. They don't like to sell gum because kids put it under the seats, but they do sell it. The candy that sells the most are the Blow Pops and the Rocky Roads. The best candy seller is Tina.

by Antonio and Marc

Lets see whats happening with our school's sports.

Last week the Jr. High Volleyball beat St. Francis 3 games to 2. Also, the 7th graders beat SFIS 2 games to 0, but the 8th grade lost 2 games to 0. Both the 7th and 8th grade teams swept McCurdy 2 games to none.

In Cross Country the boys had a pretty good run and the girls had a very good run getting fourth place as a team at Pecos. For the 6th grade meet at Espanola the girls had a great run, with Eliza coming in 1st place and Lavette coming in 4th.

In Basketball for the Jr. High Boys team there will be practice in November.

Last night in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys got stomped by the Washington Redskins.

The Volleyball Uniforms.... What took so long?
by Asia

As you know the junior high volley ball season has started. Every one was ready to play. But there was one problem: No Uniforms! So our Taos Day School junior high volley ball team went to St. Francis with a pair of shorts and their own T- shirts. The next game against Eagle Nest was better. They wore last year's volleyball uniforms. That still goes on.

I decided it was taking too long so I called Viva Sports. They told me that the first order of the volleyball uniforms was discontinued. So they re-ordered but then the manufacturer was out of that style so we have to wait for the new orders to come in. I hope the order does not take forever.

(Note: The uniforms came in on Thursday. The girls wore them for their game against SFIS.)

Spirit Day

The Lady Eagles volleyball team will play their final home game on Friday, October 17th, against Questa at 4:00.

Wear your school colors, and come out and support our Eagles!

T-Shirt Logo Contest

The Taos Day School Service Learning Initiative Project is having a t-shirt logo contest. Entries must be original designs, and the contest will be open to TDS students only.

The entries will be judged by a professional artist (not Andy). The winner will receive a $50 savings bond. The winning design will be used as the logo on TDS Service Learning T-Shirts!

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