Taos Pueblo Historical Fiction

by Ms. Laura Parks-Sierra's 5th grade class

These historical fiction stories with the batik artwork were written by fifth grade students at Taos Day School, Taos Pueblo, New Mexico. The children researched the history of their people first by talking to parents, elders and other educators. The stories tell the children's impression of the effect the Spanish had on the Taos Pueblo people.

About Taos Pueblo

The Taos Pueblo tribe has been here for about 1,000 years at the present site in Northern New Mexico in the southwestern part of the United States. Today Taos Pueblo is one of the largest existing multi-storied Pueblo structures in the United States and it has been inhabited continuously for over four centuries.

The Pueblo is separated into north and south sections by the river running through the center. The river is maily fed by the melting mountain snow. It has never run dry, continually serving the water needs of the Pueblo. The walls of the buildings are made of mud, water, hay and sand. Men and women of the village replaster the old walls every few years as the rain, snow and wind wears off the old plaster.


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