The Red Willow Tribe


Long ago there was an important family who had two sons and their names were Running Bear and Eagle Eye. One day some men came in armor. The people thought they were friendly, so they let them stay. They stayed for one year then they started to force the people to work on building a church. They made the women work in the fields to gather corn, squash, beans. One day they killed their father White Wolf, because he refused to work, so they shot him.

One night while the boys were out hunting their mother was raped and beaten to death. When they came back she was laying on the floor. Her leather clothes were torn apart. The next morning they buried their mother, and they went back to their home and they ate but there was a man who broke in and took the two boys. They sold them to slavery and took their land. The soldiers changed the boys' Indian names and taught them the Spanish language.

The people of the tribe got very ill from the diseases that the Spanish's animals brought, and the Spanish used some kind of medicine to try to help cure them but many of the native people died of smallpox. The boys kept asking themselves why the Spanish came . The Spanish took one of the boys and asked him, "Where was the gold at?" He said there is no gold here but he said that when the sun shines on the houses it looks like gold . The Spanish taught the Indians to read the Holy Bible, and they made them leave their other religion and believe in theirs . They whipped the two boys because they didn't want to help in building the church . The Indians got tired of listening to the Spanish. The two boys were let go, and they ran for the hills to their home. The boys made a lot of bows and arrows, and they gathered all the people to fight the Spanish. The Indians went to the church where all the Spanish were.

They called them out, and when the Spanish came out they started to fire their arrows, and the Spanish were dying really fast. In an hour all the Spanish were finally dead. Now the boys could reclaim their land and all of the people could go back to their own lives. The boys were thanked by the whole tribe for making the plan and the weapons. The next day the boys got up and buried their father at last.


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