Running Boot


Back in the 15 hundreds there was a family of Red Willow people. They lived in the mountains. But every day they came to the pueblo to take care of their corn fields. The parents also had two children. Their names were Poop-Quah and Running Rain.

One day the two children were working in the corn fields and they heard shouting so they put down their tools and saw people on what looked like big elk but their colors were different. So they started to talk in a strange language. The chief could understand what they were saying. The reason he could under stand what they were saying was because when he was 6 years old he was out hunting fore rabbits and the same people cot him But these people that caught him were people that prayed a lot and made buildings with all of the saints in them.

So as he got older he managed to escape and on his way he stopped to pray in Spanish language at one the churches and he traveled many days and finally reached his village. He kind of forgot how to speak his own language so he went house to house and finally found his family and they had a big feast for him so two years later he Spanish came back and they brought apples, oranges and all of the citrus fruits.

So as the years went by they kept on comming. In the year in 1520 Running Boots dad was raped by the Spaniards so running bean got his gun and snuck up on them and shot them in to pieces and then threw them in a big hole then running Boot started a war between the Spanish and the Indians running Boot was running on top of the village and he got shot in the arm but that did not stop him from running Boots when he go to his house his parents were not there so he went to go look fore them and he looked and looked and when he was looking for them he found Spanish that were alive and he stabbed them in the neck and he finally found his parents and they were still alive but they were hurt very bad so he took them home and they lived happily ever after.


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