Once there was a boy named Running Bear. He had no dad because ten years ago men in armor had a war between the Red Willow people and killed his dad. Every day Running Bear thought about the men that killed his dad. Years had gone by when Running Bear often wondered if the men in armor would return to his village and destroy what was already ruined. One morning Running Bear and his mother were scared. Running Bear woke up and ran outside. He saw a man in golden armor who was talking to the chief. Then Running Bear ran to the wall. Behind it there were about 20 Spaniards. He was not that frightened because he knew his people could win them. The day ended a new day begun in the morning he heard a gun shot they were killing the tribal members. They didn't want to give up their religion. Running Bear got mad and put an arrow in the bow and pulled it back and let it go . It hit one man and then another. They shot at him and it did not hit him so he ran into the forest. He made a house and 7 years passed. When he went back to his village there were dead Spaniards all over the ground. He asked the people what happened. They said the Spanish made them work without rest or water and called us names. We were full of anger so we defeated them and we had a war then they left. The next day he heard screaming so he ran to the hill to where he could see the village. He saw men beating the women and later they were raped. He was so mad he made a war with the Spanish. Running Bear had already killed ten Spanish men. He was running to save a man and he felt a sharp pain in his left arm. He fell to his knees and felt another pain in his back. He died minutes later. No one knew him so they just left him there.


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