The Red Willow Tribe


Long ago there was a family who were members of the Red Willow tribe. The Spaniards would trade cows, sheep, and pigs for squash, corn,and beans. They also wanted land and they wanted to change the way it was then.

The Spaniards took the people for slaves. They took my mom and dad for slaves and other people. Then I never saw them again. Then I saw my mom and dad they were whipped and beat up. They had to work in the fields where it was hot, the Spaniards would treat them mean.

The Spaniards would just give the slaves bread for lunch. Some of the slaves died working in the fields. They took my mom and dad back to work in the fields. I wanted to get my mom and dad from going back to work. I waited until night time when I found my mom and dad they were tired of working in the fields. I told them that I came to get you, They said go hide they might get you, so they said let's go. The guard saw us so we ran then we went back to the village. The Spaniards came to the village looking for us.

We hid in a storage room filled with corn. We thought they left so we came out. They took us for slaves. There were many slaves that were going to other pueblos. They told us that we were going to another pueblo too. After we got there, their were other slaves. I saw some of our people there too. I said, What are you doing here? We got caught by them. We were hiding in the village. They found us. They said that we killed some of there people. But we didn't kill anyone. That night it was dark. We planned to break out of there. We went out the door there was no guards in the front so we ran. We ran to the mountains to hide. Five years later we returned to our village. It was finally peaceful. The End


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