White Flower and Pretty Flower


Long ago there was a tribe called the Red Willow People. There was a family. This family was a very happy. There was a father, and a mother, and two sisters. The two sisters names were White Flower who was almost 11 and Pretty Flower who was 8. One day strange men came to village of the Red Willow people. They brought good things. They also brought many diseases from their animals They talked in a strange tongue. Slowly the Red Willow people began to learn to speak it. They called themselves Spaniards.

The people thought the Spanish were good people. So the people let the Spanish stay. The Spanish stayed for two 2 years. Then they began to force the people to work for them. If they refused to work they would get whipped or they would get battered. One day two men went into White Flower and Pretty Flower's house.

One of the men rape and killed their mother and the other man shot and killed their father because they did not want to work for the Spanish. When this went on the girls hid so the Spanish would not find them. The girls went to the mountains. One of the Spanish saw the two girls and she followed.

White flower heard the cracking of leaves. White Flower told Pretty Flower to hide. They saw the Spanish girl pass by. White Flower thought the girl might want to be friends but White Flower did not trust the girl. She might go back to village and tell the Spanish. Finally the girl saw White Flower and Pretty Flower. She snuck up on the two girls.

White Flower got scared and jumped up. The girl spoke in a tongue they could not understand. She said, "I didn't mean to scare you." White Flower did not understand. Then the girl said in White Flower's native tongue, "My name is Theresa." The girls knew what Theresa said. White Flower asked if Theresa was going to tell the Spanish. Theresa said no. White Flower said, "I do not trust you! For your people have killed my mother and father." Theresa said, "I am sorry. All of a sudden they heard something."

Pretty Flower said, "It's the Plains People . We better hide." For some reason White Flower wanted to become Theresa's friend. White Flower told this to her sister. White Flower became Theresa friend. Pretty Flower felt left out. Every day Theresa would bring food for White Flower and Pretty Flower. One day Theresa showed them a square shape it could open. There were things called pages. They were soft as petals. It had strange words on. Theresa said it was a Bible. Theresa taught White Flower to write. The two girls stayed for 4 years in the mountains.

One day Theresa did not come to see White Flower and Pretty Flower. White Flower got worried. So she went to a part of the of the mountain where you could see the whole village. It was not the same as it was before they left. People where on the ground screaming for help. White Flower who was now 15 went to the village. She told her sister to stay behind, but her sister did not listen. White Flower saw a group of ladies behind the wall. White Flower asked what had happened? The ladies said the chief went to where the captain was. The chief had killed the captain. They found that the captain was not killed by a gun or a knife.

The Spanish killed the chief. The warriors were mad and the Spanish were mad. They started to fight. Then White Flower saw her little sister. Pretty Flower was on the ground crying and screaming . White Flower ran to her sister. Blood was everywhere around her. White Flower was just looking at her sister. She did not know what to do. She could felt her eyes feeling with tears. She was angry and sad.

She saw a young Spanish boy. He looked like Theresa. White Flower asked the boy if he knew Theresa. The boy said, "Yes I know who Theresa is. She was my sister. White Flower said, "What do you mean? She was your sister. She is your sister" The boy said, "She was killed." One of the soldiers asked, "Where are you going" She said, "I am not going to tell you." Then the soldier killed her.

White Flower started to cry. It was odd when suddenly the Spanish left. Everyone was happy. That night they a great feast. The two friends became close.


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