The Red Willow Tribe


Long ago there was a peaceful tribe that called themselves the Red Willow people. As dawn approached the village of the Red Willow people, men with sparkling clothing rode in on animals that the Red Willow people had never seen before. These animals looked like deer but with a mane and long tails that felt like hair. The men that rode into the village called them horses. The men called themselves Spaniards.

As spring was ending the Spanish started to take over the land and had the Red Willow people build a church. The people of the tribe did not know what a church was but the Spanish said, "If you do not work you would be killed by the long black sticks called guns". One of the soldiers did not like this idea. His name was Pedro. Since Pedro did not like this idea the Captain said he should be punished by working with the native Indians until he would change his mind about this idea. Before the sun rose Pedro and the native Indians were hard at work starting on the new church. One of the native Indians named Spotted Eagle asked, "What is a church?" Pedro said to him, "A church is a big mud house with only one room, and there are several small rooms in the back of the church. Inside the church there are little frozen men that are called statues. The big statue is called the Virgin Mary. Outside of the church on the top there are sticks that are crossed there is also a hard thing shaped like a pear that is called a bell." A year later the church was built. It was the same way that Pedro had described it. The two men, Pedro and Spotted Eagle, became great friends. Spotted Eagle took Pedro to meet his brother, White Wolf. White Wolf was a tall slim dark complected man with brown hair that went long down his back. Spotted Eagle also took Pedro to meet his mother. She looked just like White Wolf excepted more woman like. That night since Pedro did not have anywhere to sleep Spotted Eagle lent his house for Pedro to sleep in. In the middle of the night the two heard a loud yell for help. Then Spotted Eagle and Pedro ran to the center of the village where everyone was standing. One of the Spaniards had been yelling in his strange tongue that nobody but Pedro could understand. Pedro said he was saying, "If you people do not start believing in Christianity your leaders will be hung."

So that night the leaders were hung. When Spotted Eagle went back to sleep he kept on seeing in his mind over and over again the people that he looked up to so much getting lynched. Spotted Eagle was now going through a very emotional time. He only talked to the one person he trusted the most, his best friend Pedro. Soon Spotted Eagle was talking to others again. As the people of the tribe started to work in the fields they all gathered and made a plan to chase the Spanish away. "The war that is about to begin should have strong and brave warriors or we will not win," said the people of the tribe. As the days passed people of the tribe started to get whipped, beat, and even killed. At this rate the people of the tribe would never hang. The war would have to start earlier than planned. The next morning the war started by an angry Spaniard who threw the first whip at a ticked off Native that did not like being a slave. In the war Pedro stole five guns. The native people took the horses from the Spaniards. As the Indians went into war killing more and more of the Spanish, blasting through the heavy sparkling armor with guns and stomping on their chests with the heavy hoofed horses. The Indians were invincible.

As Pedro got a good aim at Captain Rodriguez he pulled the trigger. The gun shot but at that time a blood thirsty Spaniard came and threw down Pedro nearly breaking his neck. Instead of the bullet going to Captain Rodriguez it went to Spotted Eagle. Then Spotted Eagle felt a burning sting on his back he started to run to the mountains on his way he got dizzy and fell to the gowned. He closed his eyes and started to remember back to the battle he had been in. He looked back in his mind remembering the last thing before he got shot. He remembered looking back at Pedro then the gun fired and hit him. That's when Spotted Eagle woke up.

As Spotted Eagle went back another Spaniard attempted to kill him but instead of him getting shot the person that got shot was Pedro right in the arm. Spotted Eagle was confused, asking himself, "The person who shot me took a bullet for me instead of trying to kill me again." Instead of getting mad and trying to kill Pedro, Spotted Eagle helped him up and wrapped his wounded with a hide. When Spotted Eagle and Pedro were in a secure location Spotted Eagle asked, "Why would you save my life when at first you wanted to kill me ?" Pedro laughed and said, "I never wanted to kill you. It was an accident when I shot you."

Spotted Eagle's back had stopped bleeding but still there was a huge wound. After Pedro stopped talking another bullet came speeding through and hit Spotted Eagle straight through the heart. Seconds later Spotted Eagle had died. The Spanish were chased out all except Pedro. Pedro stayed with Spotted Eagle's family. THE END!


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