Eagle River and the Spanairds



Back in the early sixteen hundreds the Spanish came to Taos Pueblo. The Spanish wanted to trade but the pueblo Indians did not want to trade. The Spanish got mad and shot the chief of Taos Pueblo. Only men stayed to fight. Women and children ran into the hills. A seven year old boy ran a different way into the mountains. Six years later he was 13 years of age. His name was Eagle River. He had a house in the mountains made out of trees and branches.

One night he was sleeping and he heard loud noises like when the Spanish came to the pueblo. Eagle River got scared and started running. He stopped and turned around and he saw a Spanish man. The man said, "Get over here you savage." He caught Eagle River and took him to the south. They made him into a slave.

It was rough for him for two years. He got strong and escaped back to where he came from. While he was at the strange world he saw his mom. She was dead. He found a baby boy in a cave and he took him back to his house. Eagle River gave him a name, Running Deer. While he was growing up Eagle River taught Running Deer how to hunt and to make a house in case Eagle River died.

One morning Running Deer was gone. Eagle River awoke and Running Deer was not there. He went looking for him. He found him. Running Deer killed an elk. Eagle River looked at him and said, "How did you kill it?" "I took your bow and arrow," answered Running Deer. "I am proud of you this is your first elk," said Eagle River.

That night they celebrated by eating the elk and drinking whiskey and got drunk and raped each other that eagle river stole from the Spanish. They were so drunk that Running Deer killed Eagle River. He didn't even realize that he killed him. The next day he was sad. He said to himself, "Why did I even drink.? I am only ten years old." He was so depressed that he killed himself.


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